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DIY Vs. Professional Mold Removal in Edgewater, NJ

November 13th, 2014 · No Comments

DIY Vs. Professional Mold Removal in Edgewater, NJ

ServiceMaster Metropolitan provides full mold removal to Jersey City, Edgewater, Clifton, Fairfield, and Hackensack, NJ residents and businesses.

When you find mold in your home, it may be your first instinct to grab some bleach, a bucket of hot water, and get to work. That might not necessarily be the right course of action, though. Mold removal in Edgewater, NJ homes and business can be a tricky process when it comes to removing colonies thoroughly. Luckily, your local ServiceMaster Metropolitan can help your with all of your mold remediation woes.

Now, what exactly do professionals have that makes their mold removal services so much more efficient than do-it-yourselfers? The first difference is that ServiceMaster Metropolitan mold removal technicians are trained professionals. They know that the remediation process includes more than just removing the visible growths from surfaces.

To thoroughly restore your home, visible mold must be removed, as well as the colonies that may be thriving behind your walls. Full mold removal also includes making sure that mold spores don’t spread to other rooms in your home.

Our technicians perform proper mold removal and remediation services. This includes sealing off vents to limit the transfer of mold spores from room to room. Additionally, this means monitoring environmental factors, such as humidity and water damage prone areas. Mold thrives in dark and moist areas in homes and businesses. Mold remediation is not properly performed if the source of moisture is not addressed. You will commonly find it in basements, under sinks, and near areas that frequently experience water damage.

While bleach and “mold-killing” paint might provide a temporary solution, it is not a permanent treatment for mold removal. The only way to ensure thorough remediation is by calling a professional, like ServiceMaster Metropolitan. We take into account all aspect of mold remediation in Edgewater, Jersey City, Clifton, Fairfield, and Hackensack, NJ buildings. This includes treating the problem and the cause. For thorough mold removal, contact ServiceMaster Metropolitan today!

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