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Just How Far-Reaching is Water Damage in Caldwell, NJ?

November 13th, 2014 · No Comments

Just How Far-Reaching is Water Damage in Caldwell, NJ?

ServiceMaster Metropolitan offers complete water damage restoration services in Caldwell, Jersey City, Chatham, and Bayonne, NJ.

You come home to find the worst has happened. Whether those gutters never got cleaned out, a pipe burst, or some unexpected source of water sprang a leak, you’re now stuck dealing with water removal and water damage restoration in your Caldwell, NJ area home. It’s more than just the structure of your home that you have to restore though. Various items and areas are now at risk of being lost forever due to water damage. Luckily, ServiceMaster Metropolitan can help with the water damage restoration in multiple areas of your home.

Document drying and recovery. Probably the most important part of the water damage restoration process to an individual is ensuring that old, important, or valuable documents are never lost to a flooded basement or burst pipe. ServiceMaster Metropolitan can help you dry and restore the important documents in your life, easing some of your worries.

Floor and carpet cleaning. Sopping wet carpet can put a damper on your day. Complete water removal is tricky without the right equipment, and any moisture left in the carpet can leave room for mold growth. We have the commercial strength equipment to ensure that water intrusion is the only issue you will have to deal with after a water damage event.

Electronics Restoration. In this digital age, you would be hard-pressed to avoid needing electronics restoration after water damage. By using ServiceMaster Metropolitan for all of your water restoration needs, you can actually save money when compared to the cost of replacement. Not to mention the hassle you will save yourself from having to transfer data and pictures from an old device to a new one.

ServiceMaster Metropolitan can help you with every part of the water damage restoration process in Caldwell, Chatham, Bayonne, and Jersey City, NJ, and the surrounding metropolitan area. Our emergency hotline is answered 24/7/365 by one of our technicians, ready to respond to your disaster restoration needs. Contact ServiceMaster Metropolitan today for immediate, friendly service.

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