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Keep Gutters Clean to Prevent Water Damage in Fairfield, NJ

November 13th, 2014 · No Comments

Keep Gutters Clean to Prevent Water Damage in Fairfield, NJ

ServiceMaster Metropolitan provides water removal and water damage restoration in Fairfield, Jersey City, Hackensack, Edgewater, and Clifton, NJ

Roof gutters (also known as rain gutters) are typically the last thing you think about when planning your home maintenance routine, or even when buying a home. But they can have a tremendous impact on the health of your building. Gutters do more than just prevent you from getting doused in the doorway; they funnel water away from your building to prevent foundation damage and flooded basements. ServiceMaster Metropolitan has responded to many water damage restoration calls in Fairfield, NJ and Hackensack, NJ that could have been prevented by regular and proper gutter cleaning.

For those lucky enough to live in warmer climates, you can go years between gutter cleanings. Those of us that live the northeast, however, know that gutter cleaning must be done twice a year: once in late fall after the leave have dropped, and once in the spring after the winter thaw. Checking to ensure water is flowing through your gutters every few months will save you the time and the cost of water damage restoration later.

How does water falling from your gutter differ from that of a rainstorm? A blocked gutter directs water into one main location, which can then pool around the foundation of your home. Water is an erosive element that can cause a foundation to collapse, or you needing to call ServiceMaster Metropolitan for water damage restoration after your basement floods. In the worst case scenarios, you may also need mold removal services.

During winter months, clogged gutters can also lead to ice dams on the lower edge of your roof. This can cause water damage to the interior of your home, including the ceiling, walls, and where ever else it may pool. Clogged gutters can cause serious and extensive water damage all throughout the year. To prevent water restoration needs, clean them regularly.

Of course, we all get busy with life and other household chores. That’s why ServiceMaster Metropolitan is here to help you with your water damage restoration needs in Fairfield, Hackensack, Jersey City, Edgewater, and Clifton, NJ. We also offer an entire set of disaster restoration services, from mold removal and storm damage repair to biohazard cleanup and fire restoration. When your home or business suffers from any disaster, just call ServiceMaster Metropolitan. We’ll get you back on track ASAP!

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