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Mold Removal Services in Livingston, NJ

November 13th, 2014 · No Comments

ServiceMaster Metropolitan also provides black mold remediation for Livingston, NJ and nearby areas.

It’s fuzzy, it’s gross, and it’s terrible for the health of your building and those that live in it. Black mold is a common problem in homes that could lead to illness and weaken your immune system. If you suspect that you have mold in your home, call ServiceMaster Metropolitan for mold removal in Livingston, NJ and the surrounding areas.

What are the signs of mold in my home?

Mold can be identified both by its physical appearance and by the health of those living in the building. Physically, mold grows in colonies in moist, dark places. Typically, it is black, white, green, or brown, and fuzzy in texture. Unlike the mold that grows on food, you cannot simply remove the affected item from your home or clean it. To fully remove mold from your home, you must treat it at the source and eliminate the moisture that was allowing it to grow.

If there is mold in your home, you will also notice an increase in illnesses in your home. Those with established respiratory symptoms will display symptoms first, with increased irritations and more severe attacks. You’ll also notice that those in perfect health may be sneezing or coughing more, similar to the symptoms of a common cold. Headaches, nausea, watering eyes, and dizziness are other common signs that mold colonies are prevalent in your building.

In addition to taking a toll on your personal health, mold also damages the structure of your building. Because the main food source of mold is organic material, drywall, wood, and other building materials are a smorgasbord of a feast for growing colonies. This can weaken the structure of your home and cause serious problems if left unattended.

What do I do about mold in my home?

Though a quick internet search may lead you to believe you can properly perform mold removal yourself, that is not the case. Bleach solutions and hardware store mold remedies are fine at the surface, but they do not treat the mold spores that may spread throughout your home or the moisture causing the mold in the first place. A professional mold removal company, like ServiceMaster Metropolitan, can perform both mold removal and water damage restoration so that your home is once again a healthy place to live.

It’s time to take your lung health seriously. Get your indoor air quality tested and check for any mold that may be lurking in your basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. If you find you do need mold removal services in Livingston, NJ, contact ServiceMaster Metropolitan.

ServiceMaster Metropolitan is certified by the IICRC in mold remediation, water damage restoration, and fire restoration for Livingston, Jersey City, Mahwah, Hamburg, and Hackettstown, NJ.

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