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Water Damage Can Lead to Mold Problems in Morristown, NJ Homes

December 23rd, 2014 · No Comments

Call ServiceMaster Metropolitan for water and mold removal in Morristown, NJ.

Throughout the year, water damage restoration is one of our most frequently performed services. Flooded basements, burst pipes, sump pump backups; there are many different household accidents and disasters that call for water removal. Additionally, major disasters like fire usually also require water cleanup. But, have you considered that when you call for mold removal in Morristown, NJ, you should also being calling for water damage restoration? Fortunately, you just need to place one phone call: ServiceMaster Metropolitan!

Mold removal is one of those things that you should leave to a professional, but why? It all starts with the very nature of mold. Mold and mold spores are very similar to water in that once they are somewhere, they are almost everywhere. Once you’ve spotted a colony, there are definitely already mold spores traveling through the air, decreasing your air quality and potentially contaminating other areas of your home.

Mold is more than just what you see. Colonies you’ve discovered on the surface of your basement walls are probably well within those walls also. There are many retail products that are a quick fix for mold removal, but the problem always inevitably returns.

When you hire a professional mold removal service, like ServiceMaster Metropolitan, you can be sure that even when the mold is agitated, the spores are contained and kept from contaminating other rooms. You can also be confident that the mold is removed for good because in addition to mold removal, we also provide thorough water damage restoration.

What does that have to do with mold you ask? Moisture, in addition to dark, cool places, are a breeding ground for mold colonies. By treating water-damaged areas and the source of water, you can kick mold to the curb for good.

ServiceMaster Metropolitan is the one call you need to make for fire restoration, water damage restoration, and mold removal in Morristown, Mendham, Jersey City, Paramus, and Short Hills, NJ. Contact us today!

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