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Water Damage Repair for Roof Ice Dams in Morristown, NJ

December 24th, 2014 · No Comments

ServiceMaster Metropolitan provides water damage restoration services throughout the Morristown area.

It’s a common scenario here in Morristown, NJ. Winter arrives suddenly and then ice begins forming everywhere around us. An inevitable cycle of melting snow turned to ice quickly follows and doesn’t stop until the spring thaw. This cycle of melting and freezing may not seem troublesome at first, but over time there is cause for concern along roof eaves and gutters. The melt/freeze pattern slowly becomes a problem as newly formed ice begins to build up on itself and slowly form an ice dam. This roof ice dam prevents the next melt of snow from draining off the roof, into the gutter, and through the downspout to the ground. It may even become so large that pools of water begin to form directly above it. As water backs up under the shingles, it will find its way toward the interior of your home and ultimately cause water damage to rafters, ceilings, and walls. With a little help from ServiceMaster Metropolitan, that damage can be taken care of through our water damage restoration services here in Morristown, NJ.

Among your neighbors, there’s likely one or two who always go outside during or immediately after a snowfall just to remove snow from the edge of their roof using a large, specialized shovel, known as a roof rake. Not everyone is aware of the importance of such a task but the effort and time is spent in preventing the formation of ice dams. Ice tends to build up from excess heat escaping through the roof during the day, melting the snow or existing ice, and then refreezing during the night when temperatures are at their lowest. Snow may also melt due to shingles readily absorbing and re-radiating the suns heat energy or, more obviously, warmer than average temperatures occurring over extended periods of time. Again, this melted snow refreezes during a cold snap or during the night. As water builds up during a melt, it eventually begins to find its way through the roof’s superstructure, past the insulation, and onto ceiling drywall. This unfortunate chain of damaging events will ultimately lead to water damage. How bad it is depends on how quickly the problem is addressed. ServiceMaster Metropolitan is standing by to consult on issues you may experience with roof ice or water damage restoration concerns.

To put it plainly, our advice here at ServiceMaster Metropolitan is for you to be hyper aware of ice build up along the drainage system of your roof. You can install heating elements along the edges of roofs near gutters or just use a specialized roof shovel to remove snow before the problems start but whatever you do please don’t ignore the potential problems that can accompany water damage from roof ice dams. Though water damage restoration is something we specialize in, we don’t enjoy seeing homeowners struggle with problematic ice dams and the water damage it can cause to their homes. When you need water damage restoration in Morristown, Mendham, Jersey City, Paramus, and Short Hills, NJ, call ServiceMaster Metropolitan for emergency 24/7/365 disaster restoration services.

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