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Fire and Smoke Damage Repair in Paramus, NJ

January 30th, 2015 · No Comments

ServiceMaster Metropolitan offers fire damage restoration services in Paramus, Jersey City, and Short Hills, NJ.

Throughout the year, fire restoration remains one of our main services in Paramus, NJ. From fireplaces in winter to dry conditions in the summer, there are plenty of opportunities for a house fire to arise. ServiceMaster Metropolitan offers full fire restoration services to the area, and in our book, that includes smoke damage repair.

Soot and smoke can extend damage beyond the rooms burned by the flames of a fire. Though rooms without fire damage may look like they escaped unscathed, they have most likely suffered from smoke damage. Smoke uses vents to travel to rooms that have escaped the blaze and cause continued damage.

Smoke and soot will settle and cling to any surface in a room. In some cases, it can be easily removed with just a damp cloth, but most times it requires a professional touch. Because of their acidic properties, smoke and soot can create quite a bit of property loss in addition to that of the house fire.

There are different types of smoke that will influence the level of repair that you need. Dry smoke leaves behind a substance that resembles dust, almost like the ash you would associate with a campfire. Wet smoke, a much more complex molecule, leaves a sticky residue and strong odor. These are two of the more common types of smoke damage that can occur in your home.

Another common type of smoke damage in the home is protein-based smoke, which comes from charred meats and eggs. This type leaves behind a charred pan and an exceptionally bad odor. The bright side is that most of the damage is contained to your pans and only results in some bad odors.

As you can probably guess, each different type of smoke damage should be dealt with differently. The same things that work to clean dry smoke may not work for wet smoke, and could actually exacerbate the problem. A professional fire restoration company can take care of each type of damage with the appropriate solutions and technology.

ServiceMaster Metropolitan services the fire restoration needs of Paramus, Jersey City, and Short Hills, NJ as well as the surrounding metro area. Our 24/7/365 emergency hotline ensures that damage is limited and your down time is minimized. Contact ServiceMaster Metropolitan today for professional and thorough services.

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