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Water Damage Restoration After Winter Storms in Short Hills, NJ

February 9th, 2015 · No Comments

Though we didn’t get nearly as much snow as meteorologists predicted Juno would bring, there was still the chance for New Jersey, New York, and other east coast states to be in a real state of emergency. Storm damage, and the resulting water damage, in Short Hills, NJ can put a halt to the bustling community. Businesses and homes alike will need water damage restoration to deal with the after effects of a winter storm or disaster. ServiceMaster Metropolitan is here to help with all of your disaster restoration needs, no matter the cause.

Collapsed roofs.¬†Juno was supposed to bring massive amount of snow to our area. Though we were lucky to only receive a small amount, those in New York and Massachusetts received up to a foot or more of snow over a short period of time. If your roof isn’t up to snuff or has a weak spot, the extra weight of wet, heavy snow may cause parts or the entirety of the roof to collapse. The resulting damage needs the care and assistance of both a professional versed in water damage restoration and reconstruction services after a disaster.

Burst pipes. Sometimes  its not the storm that you have to worry about, but the days of bitterly cold temperatures that follow. Pipes near exterior walls or in un-insulated areas are the most prone to bursting. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the expansion of water as it turns into ice that makes pipes burst. Rather, it is the pressure that builds up behind the blockage of ice. An easy remedy is to leave a small drizzle of water running from all faucets during periods of extremely cold temperatures.

Quick melting. This season has been a testament to how unpredictable the seasons can be. From early massive snowfalls to spring temperatures in December, this year has shown just how much weather can vary in our moderate climate. Unfortunately, the excess precipitation, in combination with frozen ground, can leave few places for melt and runoff to go. It may just find it’s way into your basement, leaving a mess that you definitely won’t want to deal with. Cleaning up a flooded basement is a huge undertaking, one that could go a lot smoother with the help of professionals, like ServiceMaster Metropolitan.

We are a disaster restoration company in the New Jersey and New York area, committed to helping you after the unthinkable happens. From fire restoration to storm and water damage repair, we are available 24/7/365 to begin the restoration process. We also offer full restoration services to streamline the process. When a storm hits, and hits hard, you don’t have to panic. You just have to call ServiceMaster Metropolitan.

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