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Ice Dam Water Damage Repair in Paramus, NJ

February 19th, 2015 · No Comments

After a very mild December, winter has returned with vengeance across most of the east coast. With such a variability in temperatures and severe storms, most residents and businesses of the area are probably seeing more damage than usual. In particular, the major fluctuations in temperatures within a week, or even within a day, have contributed to the creation of ice dams on many roofs. If you have experienced the need for water damage restoration in your Paramus, NJ home after an ice dam formed, you know how stressful it can be!

Ice dams form along the edge of a roof. Essentially, they are the base of those sometimes beautiful icicles that hang down. After a snowfall, an improperly sealed attic can let heat escape through the shingles, or an unexpected burst of warm weather can cause the snow to melt. This is just fine as long as the water can run off the roof in a timely manner. More often than not, however, this run-off is disrupted by an already existing small ice dam, or stopped in its tracks by nighttime’s freezing temperatures. This can cause icicles and large, dangerous ice dams to form.

Ice dams can create water damage restoration projects because water can no long escape from the roof. Additionally, ice dams can freeze in your gutters, with the weight causing them to rip and fall from your home. Without proper drainage, water can back up under the shingles, creating a leaky roof or even water damage behind walls. If the water seeps into the insulation, this can create a gap, allowing more heat escape and exacerbating the problem.

When you experience an ice dam and the resulting water damage, you may need more than just a bucket placed under the leaky area. Water damage behind walls is not always immediately apparent, and left to fester, can result in mold damage.

Don’t leave the fate of your home or business up to Old Man Winter. Avoid ice dams as best you can, but also know that ServiceMaster Metropolitan is here to help with the water removal and water damage restoration in your Paramus, NJ home.

We employ IICRC technicians that are well-versed in proper and thorough disaster restoration, including fire restoration, mold removal, and water damage restoration. Our services are available in Paramus, Jersey City, Short Hills, and the surrounding New Jersey areas. Contact us today to put your mind at ease and your building back to normal.

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