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Fire Restoration Services for Wayne, NJ Businesses

February 23rd, 2015 · No Comments

Office fires are always unexpected. Apart from a fire escape plan practiced regularly, most might not know the steps to take after their business goes up in flames. Fire restoration in Wayne, NJ is something that needs to happen quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly to limit your losses during the disaster. Besides the charring and fire damaged items, what else in your office can suffer from a delayed response?

Walls and wallpaper. Soot can easily settle on the surface of walls throughout your business. Additionally, wallpaper may peel or flake away from the wall and require repair. What is worse is that if you attempt to clean a wall surface without the proper solutions and techniques, you could actually cause more damage after the fire.

Rugs and carpets. Soot and smoke odor can settle into the fibers of the carpets or area rugs throughout your business. Avoid walking on carpets that may have suffered fire damage. You risk driving the soot deeper, making cleaning up the aftermath that much more difficult.

Clothing and upholstery. Curtains and uniforms, like rugs and carpets, consist of fibers that will easily absorb the odor associate with a building fire. Think of how you smell after a bonfire or a long shift at a restaurant. Now intensify that and you’ve got the smell that lingers in fabrics in your office after a fire. Professional laundering services will remove the odor and pave the path to a sweet smelling office once again.

A professional fire restoration company can take care of all of these things, leaving you free to focus on your business and recover from the fire. Remember, do not enter the building until all flames have been doused and it is determined structurally sound.

Don’t delay in contacting ServiceMaster Metropolitan for fire restoration in Wayne, NJ and the surrounding areas. The longer corrosive gases linger in the air, the higher chance of surfaces throughout your office being damaged. We provide 24/7/365 restoration services throughout Wayne, West Milford, and West Orange, NJ as well as the Upper East Side, NYC.

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