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3 Ways Melting Snow Causes Water Damage to West Milford, NJ Homes

March 16th, 2015 · No Comments

The good news is that the bitter winter weather is behind us (knock on wood)! Meteorologists across the country are predicting that the warm weather will stick around and the consistent, below-freezing daytime temperatures are behind us. Residents can now emerge from their homes to ensure that the brutal snowfall and temperatures didn’t cause damage to their property. Unfortunately, many West Milford residents will be calling for water damage restoration due to a variety of reasons.

1) Basement Flooding
The stress of temperatures fluctuating may have caused small cracks in the foundation to become more prominent. Regardless of size, cracks can let in some of the snow melt or underground water as the ground begins to thaw. Left unchecked, your basement may be subject to flooding. As the temperature warms and more snow begins to melt, keep an eye on your basement or foundation to avoid this problem.

2) Gutter Overflow
Maybe you didn’t quite get all your fall chores done before that first major snowfall hit in November. That’s alright, but you can’t leave those chores until fall arrives again! Get out your gloves and ladder because those old leaves need to be cleaned out of your gutters. The potential damage from blocked gutters is two-fold: roof damage and leaks and/or additional basement flooding. To prevent a headache, make sure your gutters are clear of debris and leaves and the downspout is directed away from the house.

3) Mother Nature
Though the cold temperatures may be gone, that doesn’t mean Mother Nature is going to suddenly take it easy on us. April showers will be starting sooner than you think, and there is always the potential for tremendous amounts of rainfall to come our way. Just like in the first point, check out your basement to prevent any unwanted surprises.

Even the most prepared homes or businesses can still suffer water damage. ServiceMaster Metropolitan provides water damage restoration for West Milford, West Orange, and Jersey City, NJ residents to help them during the most distressing times. Contact us immediately for any type of disaster restoration, including fire restoration and mold removal, as well as water removal.

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