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Why You Need Mold Removal in West Orange, NJ ASAP

March 26th, 2015 · No Comments

Although mold is needed in nature for decomposing organic material, it creates many problems in the home. In addition to being an unsightly blemish on your clean home, mold can also compromise the structural integrity of your house. It is extremely important to perform mold removal in West Orange, NJ as soon as possible to reduce the risk of damage to your home and your health.

After water damage occurs, mold can begin to grow in as little as 72 hours. Sometimes, all it takes is a little moisture, such as that on a pipe under the sink, or excess humidity in your basement during the summers. Once mold has found that cool, dark, damp place to stake its claim, it will grow quickly. The most alarming aspect of mold growth is that it can occur unseen behind walls or under flooring.

Mold produces a chemical called mycotoxins. The larger a colony, the more mycotoxins are produced. For humans that live or work in these contaminated areas, adverse health effects may develop. For the majority of people, mold and the resulting mycotoxins will just cause cold-like symptoms, such as a runny nose, itchy eyes, or sneezing. For those that already have respiratory illnesses though, the effects can be more severe.

Prolonged exposure to mycotoxins, in the most extreme cases, can inhibit protein synthesis, increase sensitivity to bacteria, and hinder particle clearance of the lungs. For these health effects, it is extremely important to perform mold removal as soon as possible. This limits your exposure to mycotoxins and the harmful side effects of mold.

Small colonies of mold could potentially be cleaned up on your own, but you’ll never be totally sure that it is completely gone. A professional mold removal company, like ServiceMaster Metropolitan, has the proper tools to test for hidden mold and measure the indoor air quality of your building. Additionally, we have the proper equipment to prevent the spread of mold during removal and to protect our technicians during remediation.

For more details about our mold removal services in West Orange, Milford, and Jersey City, NJ, contact ServiceMaster Metropolitan. The mold won’t wait to grow, and we won’t delay in removing it!

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