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Water Damage Repair in Paramus NJ After a Sump Pump Fails

May 1st, 2015 · No Comments

Sump pumps are an extremely important device in homes all across the East Coast. The basements and lower levels of many buildings house this appliance which keeps excess water at a minimum. Unfortunately, there are quite a few ways that a sump pump can fail and allow water damage to occur in your Paramus, NJ home.

1) Power Failure
An electrical power outage can prevent your sump pump from doing its job. Typically, even if you have a backup generator, it will still need to be manually turned on. This can be extremely helpful when it comes to large storms that knock out power for an extended period of time. Additionally, some parts of the sump pump can be damaged by a power surge.

2) Incorrect Installation/Wrong Size
If the pump is too small, it may not keep up with the excess water, but a pump that is too big will work harder and reduce the lifespan of the pump. Additionally, if the sump pump is not installed properly, water damage may occur. Back flowing water, no air relief holes, and debris can all cause a sump pump to malfunction.

3) Lack of Maintenance
Like any appliance in your home, it is important to perform regular check-ups on your sump pump. This includes:

• Testing to make sure water is being discharged
• Make sure the float isn’t restricted
• Clean the discharge line
• Listen for unusual noises, such as whirring, clunking, or scraping

4) Pump Defect
Sometimes, the simplest explanation for a sump pump failure is just that the product was bad. Initial testing of your pump when first installed can save you a major headache later.

Through proper maintenance and installation, you can make sure that sump pumps are doing their best to prevent water damage in your home. Even the most prepared homes still experience damage though, whether from flooding, burst pipes or some other cause. For water damage restoration in Paramus, NJ, call ServiceMaster Metropolitan. We employ IICRC technicians so you can rest assured that your home will be in the most capable of hands during any restoration project, be it fire or water.

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