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Spring Cleaning Tips to Prevent Mold Growth in Wayne, NJ Homes

May 5th, 2015 · No Comments

Spring cleaning is at the forefront of nearly everyone’s mind. With the weather finally warmer and pleasant, windows and doors are being thrown open in celebration of the season. One surefire way to put a damper on any celebration however is the discovery of mold. The mold removal experts in Wayne, NJ at ServiceMaster Metropolitan want to offer a few tips to prevent moisture and mold growth in your home this spring.

1) Repair Roof Gutters
This winter’s heavy snow and brutal temperatures may have taken a toll on the eaves of your home. Cracks and holes may have formed, allowing water or moisture to seep in to the walls of your home. Additionally, a downspout may have accidently gotten diverted so it now points towards your basement; not good! Inspect your gutter system and make repairs to prevent water damage and mold growth.

2) Make Sure Ground Slopes Away
While walking around your home to inspect your gutters and downspouts, make sure there hasn’t been any major erosion during the winter. If the ground is sloping towards your foundation, immediately fill that area to allow water to flow away from your building. This will keep your basement dry and your mind at ease.

3) Plumbing Leaks
Regardless of the season, get any burst or leaky pipes fixed immediately. If an area stays damp for 48-72 hours, mold has a prime environment in which to gain a foothold.

4) HVAC Drip Pans and Lines
Now that it’s almost time to switch over to the air conditioning portion of your HVAC, check the drip pan and, if accessible, clean it of any mold or mildew. This will keep the spores from circulating in your home. Also check the lines for any leaks (see note 3).

5) Keep Humidity Low
The ideal humidity in your home should be between 30% and 50%. Moisture meters are typically inexpensive and available at many different hardware stores. The easiest way to prevent mold growth is to not give spores the environment they want.

It’s easy in theory to do the steps mentioned above, but sometimes life gets in the way and they are pushed to the side. If you find yourself in need of mold removal services in Wayne, Paramus, or Jersey City, NJ, you can always call ServiceMaster Metropolitan. Our IICRC technicians are properly trained and experienced in full water damage restoration and mold remediation to keep your home a happy and healthy place to live.

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