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Types of Flooding Hazards in Hackettstown, NJ

June 2nd, 2015 · No Comments

Here in New Jersey, we are blessed with weather patterns coming in from several points on the compass, sometimes all at once. Living in this type of climate naturally includes the risk of several types of flooding, each with the potential for injury and property damage. According to the National Weather Service’s flood safety page, flooding is a year-round hazard common across the country, and three-quarters of all Presidential disaster declarations involve flooding.

In New Jersey, the most common types of flooding will be flash flooding and river flooding.  Residents of Hackettstown and other towns along the Musconetcong River may recall some near-misses during ice-dam buildup, or more specifically the effects of 2011’s Irene and other storms following an already wet summer. Other area creeks and rivers are known to flood quickly following storms. This is a common cause of water damage for otherwise idyllic stream or river-side properties.

Flash flooding can occur separately from river flooding events, or it can be a common factor in making river flooding worse. In flash flooding events, soil simply cannot absorb falling water fast enough to prevent it from running immediately to streams, rivers, and low-lying areas—including basements. This may be due to prior soil saturation, or commonly in paved areas in towns and cities.  In this case, the only place for water to go is down…into your property! Water damage can occur far from established streams, as streets themselves can become streams in the event of an overwhelmed storm drainage system.

For our friends on the coast, storm damage caused by storm surge flooding is still fresh in many residents’ memories from Sandy and other severe weather events. More information on this and other types of flooding—including ice and debris jams, snowmelt, and dam breaks—is available on the flood safety page cited above.

Whatever the cause, flood damage is a real hazard in Hackettstown, NJ. If you are affected by water damage of any type, call ServiceMaster Metropolitan immediately. We have plenty of experience in this area, and you can trust us to not only remove water but also stick around for mitigation of structural and mold damage to help you make the best of a common, but unfortunate experience.

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