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The Power of Wind | Battling Storm Damage in Mendham, NJ

August 10th, 2015 · No Comments


During the summer, a gentle breeze can be a blessing, gusts of winds can be frustrating, and unrelenting winds can be dangerous. Wind is a part of nature that often goes unnoticed, but when it blows hard enough to take out a window of your home, it’s a scary situation. ServiceMaster Metropolitan has dealt with wind and storm damage in Mendham, NJ homes for years. That is why we feel it important to inform Mendham residents of the power wind has on structures and what steps to take when left with the damage.


The power of wind is often measured on the Fujita scale. Here is the scale of wind damage according to the National Weather Service:


F-0: Light Damage

At this level, wind speeds are 65-85mph. Possible damage can be done to shingles and siding of homes.


F-1: Moderate Damage

At this level, wind speeds are 86-110mph. Extensive damage can be caused such as the uprooting of trees, the overturning of mobile homes and vehicles, and bending of flagpoles.


F-2: Considerable Damage

At this level, wind speeds are 111-135mph. Gusts at this rate can destroy mobile homes, trees can debark and collapse, and permanent homes can be shifted off their foundations.


F-3: Severe Damage

At this level, wind speeds are 136-165mph. Small portions of permanent homes can be destroyed when enduring winds at this rate.

F-4: Devastating Damage

At this level, wind speeds are 166-200mph. Gusts can cause complete destruction of well-built homes and large sections of buildings such as schools and small offices.


F-5: Incredible Damage

At this level, wind speeds are over 200mph. Significant structural damage will occur to mid-high rise facilities, as well as complete demolition of homes and smaller buildings.


While you may never experience wind levels higher than F-1, there is still plenty of wind damage that can be done to your home. Wind can knock out windows, rip off decking and awnings, tear off shingles and siding, and destroy end walls. Stronger winds can literally lift the roof of your house! When your home suffers these kinds of damages, you’ll need to call a company that specializes in temporary board up and tarping services. Temporary board ups can ensure that your house and its contents remain safe from the outside elements.


If you suffer from storm damage in Mendham, NJ you can count on the professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan! Our building stabilization services are the best in the industry because we use the highest level of equipment and procedures to keep you and your belongings safe. Contact us today to learn more about our storm damage services.

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