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Water Damage Restoration – Reasons to Take Urgent Remedial Steps and Role of Restoration Companies in Jersey City, NJ

September 29th, 2015 · No Comments

Reasons for water damage can be varied, ranging from burst pipes to plumbing leaks, natural disasters, overflowing toilets, roof leaks, flooding from excessive rains, foundation cracks, water from firefighting efforts, and sewage backups. If you experience water damage in your home, it is to your benefit to hire a professional water damage restoration company in Jersey City, NJ. They will act quickly to prevent further damage to your property and belongings as well as safeguard you from potential health risks.

Top Reasons to Start Restoration Work on Urgent Basis

Once the cause of a flooding situation is ended, water damage remediation should be started as soon as possible. The longer an area is allowed to remain soaked and saturated, the more damage there is to be cleaned and repaired.

As per the IICRC, water damage is often deceptive since water gets into different structural cavities and creates entrapped saturation pockets. It is quite difficult to detect “hidden” water, and the task can only be accomplished by professional restoration companies utilizing advanced moisture detection meters. According to the EPA, mold growth can start within 24-48 hours after water damage has occurred.

In a study conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBL), it was found that exposure to dampness and mold increases the threat of various respiratory problems by 30 to 50%. Additionally, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has revealed that mold growth can result in serious structural damage to a building as well as aggravate allergies and allergic reactions in people within the mold infested environment.

Delays in restoration will allow walls to become more damaged, wooden furniture to deteriorate, fabric items to set stains, rugs and carpets to sit in contaminated water, and hard wood flooring to warp and curl.

Duties of a Restoration Company

A professional restoration company will assess the problem, formulate a plan of action to attack the damage, and begin a systematic remediation process to clean, sanitize, and rebuild the affected area. These processes include:

  • Use of hygrometers to detect the amount of moisture present in the structure, and infrared probes to analyze the extent as well as class of water damage. Other devices such as air scrubbers, blowers, air movers, hardwood dryers, and other equipment designed for drying inner wall cavities and sub-floors are utilized in the restoration work.
  • Following IICRC S500 standards of water damage restoration to clean up your property. This includes drying as well as repairing or replacing various sub-structures, wood, rusting metal, crumbling drywall, weakened beams, and plaster.
  • Extraction of water from your home followed by cleaning as well as restoration of your belongings such as documents, books, and electronic media. They also remove stains, dehumidify the structure, and remove unpleasant odors. This is followed by the application of anti-microbial treatments, cleaning of air ducts, and providing assistance in settling insurance claims.

If you are facing any type of water damage and looking for a water damage restoration company in Jersey City, NJ, ServiceMaster Metropolitan can rectify any adversity you may be facing. All you need to do is give us a call at our emergency response number – 1.855.560.7999 and we will quickly reach your home to initiate the restoration work.

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