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5 Useful Tips on Hiring the Right Mold Removal Company in Jersey City, NJ

October 23rd, 2015 · No Comments

If this is the first time you’re facing a mold problem in your home in Jersey City, NJ, and you’re planning to hire a mold removal company, then it’s likely that you will not have a clear idea of the things you need to look for. Since mold degrades the condition of your home and of your belongings and affects your health, it’s important to select a company that will be able to do the job perfectly.

Here we will aim to provide some useful tips that will assist you in weeding out sub-par companies.

Selecting the Right Mold Remediation Company

Experience Matters

You need to hire a firm that has plenty of experience with correcting mold problem similar to yours. Whether the problem is due to moisture, water intrusion, or the HVAC system, the company should be able to fix it by following mold remediation standards such as those of the BSR-IICRC S520.

Value of Insurance

If the firm is not insured, then you are at risk. Before hiring anyone, you should ask to see their insurance certificate. Normally, they need to have insurance coverage that consists of:

  • Pollution liability
  • General liability
  • Workmen’s compensation

In case you want to file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance firm, you should ask the mold remediation firm whether they are used to working with homeowner’s insurance companies or not.

In addition, you should also ask if they would be able to offer the documentation that your insurance firm would require.

Conflict of Interest

Due to the risk of a potential conflict of interest, you need to make sure that the company conducting air sampling or inspection is not financially related to the company conducting mold removal.

In addition, it will be your responsibility to check that if your consulting firm has a financial relationship with a contractor, that they discloses the relationship before you sign any contractual agreement.

Protect Yourself

You need to ensure that the company specifies their cost basis for additional remediation work, in case new mold-affected areas are detected after the removal work starts.

We would like to add here that you will have better control over your expenditure on a modified order if pricing is based on the volume or area of the extra work, rather than on an hourly rate.

The benefit of area-based pricing is that it will prevent the contractors from dragging their feet.

Written Inspection Report

The company should provide you with a written inspection report. This report should have all the required details, such as:

  • Details of the areas that have been inspected.
  • The reason for mold growth in your home.
  • How the company will rectify the problem.

If mold is growing in your home and you want to hire a mold removal company in Jersey City, NJ to correct the problem, then you can rely on us.

At ServiceMaster Metropolitan we have thorough experience with mold remediation and can fix any problem, irrespective of how serious it is. Just call us at 1.855.560.7999 and we will come to your home to inspect the problem and start remediation work.

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