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Water Damage Restoration Services in Jersey City, NJ to Prevent Property Damage and Health Problems Resulting from Flooding Caused by Hurricane Joaquin

October 30th, 2015 · No Comments

Thankfully, Jersey City, NJ and the upper East Coast were spared from a direct hit by Hurricane Joaquin. While this is good news, it serves to remind us all that hurricanes and the damages they cause are a constant threat. Hurricanes can cause an extensive amount of water damage – damage that needs to be addressed quickly and correctly. When you find yourself in a water damage situation, you need to immediately contact a water damage restoration firm to start remediation work, stop property damage, and prevent potential health risks.

 Why do you need to start restoration work immediately?

There are basically two main reasons to immediately address this serious issue of water damage. First of all, water and moisture can easily permeate floor coverings, foundation materials, wooden structures, walls, ceilings, and cause extensive damage. Secondly, an abundance of moisture helps promote mold growth. Mold will start growing within 24 to 48 hours after water damage, causing a variety of potentially lethal health problems.

 What are the tasks performed by restoration firms?

There are several tasks which restoration firms have to perform, including:

  • Damage Assessment: This task begins with assessment of damage and utilization of devices such as hygrometers for detecting moisture levels as well as infrared probes for analyzing the extent of damage.
  • Water Extraction: Powerful water extraction equipment is used for removing freestanding water and to extract water from carpets as well as upholstery items.
  • Board Up Service: Storm surges are accompanied by strong winds which can affect the structural integrity of a house. In these circumstances, restoration firms need to provide board up services to cover broken windows and doors, holes in exterior walls, and protective tarps to cover roof damage.
  • Packout and Content Storage: Packout and content storage services are also provided to store your belongings in climate controlled storage facilities until your home is ready to be occupied once again.
  • Dehumidification, Sanitization, & Odor Removal: Water damage restoration companies also have the responsibility to completely dry out the structure and all of your belongings, remove bad odors, and properly sanitize everything by utilizing various antimicrobial techniques.

Useful Resources for Hurricane Preparedness

We need to remain prepared for future hurricane threats. The following are a few useful resources which will help you in your hurricane preparedness:

If you are looking for a water damage restoration company in Jersey City, NJ, you can count on us for restoring everything back to normal within a short period of time. ServiceMaster Metropolitan has over 20 years of experience in this type of remediation work. All you have to do is give us a call on our emergency hotline: 1.855.560.7999.

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