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Top 3 Tips on Finding the Right Firm for Mold Removal Tasks for Your Home in Jersey City, NJ

November 20th, 2015 · No Comments

Mold can lead to serious health problems and cause extensive damage to the things it grows upon. For effective mold removal, it is important to hire a mold removal company as soon as a mold problem is found in your home in Jersey City, NJ. The following information is provided to help you understand what mold removal involves and how to find the right firm to perform mold remediation work.

Is it necessary to perform tests for mold?

According to the DHS, it is not necessary to test for mold. If you are able to smell or see mold, a mold problem exists in your home.

It is worth mentioning that mold can be a symptom for some other serious problem occurring in your home, such as excessive moisture build-up or lack of proper ventilation. Professional mold remediation firms have the required knowledge and experience to identify as well as correct these problems. They can also identify structural issues like ice dams or heating equipment problems which might be causing mold to grow in your house.

Tips on finding the right remediation firm

  • Tip #1: Get Several Estimates – This is one of the best ways to determine how reputable the company truly is. Will they visit your home to analyze the problem before giving you an estimate, or do simply provide an estimate over phone? The estimate should be detailed and specific to the services being suggested. The lowest estimate isn’t necessarily the best estimate – as the old proverb goes, “You get what you pay for.”

Furthermore, avoid contractors who utilize scare tactics to force you into doing more work than is actually required to rectify the mold problem.

  • Tip #2: Inspection Report

You should only hire a company that provides a written inspection report. Additionally, ensure that the inspection report:

  • contains a proper summary of areas which were inspected
  • clearly specifies reason for mold growth
  • explains in detail how they plan to rectify the problem
  • states how they will perform clean up after the work is finished
  • details any kind of follow up services available on warranties
  • Tip #3: Selection of Remediation Firm

In case any company’s name appears on the list of mold remediation contractors on DHS, it is not to be considered as an endorsement about the capabilities of the company. Furthermore, it should not be considered that DHS prefers these companies over others not on the  list.

This list is created based on the information provided by companies to DHS about the training they have, and does not mean that DHS certifies such contractors for performing mold remediation.

In case any contractor advertises themselves as being state certified, it would be considered as fraud as well as deceptive trade practice, and you need to avoid using the services of such companies

If you have concerns that mold is growing in your home in Jersey City, NJ,  please give ServiceMaster Metropolitan a call. We have years of experience in mold removal and have the right equipment and cleaning solutions to perform mold removal work according to IICRC’s mold remediation standards (BSR-IICRC S520).

All you have to do is call us at 1.855.560.7999. Our technicians will visit your home to check the problem, provide you with a detailed estimate, explain what the estimate states and how it relates to your specific mold issues, and start work.

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