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An Overview of Critical Water Damage Restoration Tasks Performed by Restoration Firms in Morristown, NJ

December 7th, 2015 · No Comments

Water can cause serious damage to your property and trigger extensive mold growth if immediate steps are not taken to rectify the situation. When your home or business experiences flooding or water damage, your first priority is to call a water damage restoration firm in Morristown, NJ to start work immediately and prevent further damage to your property.

Tasks for Restoring Your Home After Water Damage

  • Problems in the Attic – If water has entered and damaged the attic space, the restoration company will need to remove and dispose of any/all insulation material affected by the water. Wet insulation becomes ineffective, and the water it retains will lead to high moisture levels in your home or business. This can cause damage to masonry, metal, wood, and deterioration of ceiling and walls below the attic. The technicians will also remove all items from the attic to ensure they can dry the area properly and begin restoration of the items that are water damaged.
  • Issues with Sheetrock, Plaster Wall, and Wood Lath – As the technicians inspect each room they will examine the condition of the sheetrock and plaster. Sheetrock that has become soaked, and any plaster applied over metal lath, may need to be replaced if insulation behind it is affected. Similarly, wood lath tends to expand due to water saturation. This can cause slight cracking and breakage of the plaster covering the wood lath. If water damage was caused by clean water, it is possible to save plaster walls. This involves draining water inside wall cavities by removing the baseboard and drilling holes in the plaster along with circulating dry air through the cavity.
  • Restoring Carpets & Furniture – The restoration professionals will remove wet furniture and carpets from your home or business. Additionally, linoleum or sheet vinyl flooring will be removed to achieve maximum moisture removal and evaporation since water is beneath them.
  • Fixing Wood Floors – You may notice that floorboards will start to warp as the drying process begins. As the drying process continues, however, most floorboards return to their original shape. Depending on the severity of the damage, restoration companies use specialty equipment to reduce the chances of severe buckling or warping.
  • Solving Basement Flooding – If the basement is flooded, our experienced technicians will start removing the excess water levels in stages. Why? If the basement is drained but the surrounding ground is still saturated, it can create uneven pressure pushing up against the basement floor or pressing in against the foundation and walls. This can result in cracks or a collapse.
  • If you are experiencing water damage and looking for a water damage restoration company in Morristown, NJ, then you need to get in touch with ServiceMaster Metropolitan. Our technicians have the necessary training, certification, and experience to solve any water damage problem you are facing. All you need to do is give us a call at our emergency contact number – 1.855.560.7999. We will immediately respond to your home or business to assess the problem and start work.

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