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Storm Damage Restoration in Fairfield, NJ and 3 Common Scam Tactics Homeowners Need to be Aware Of

December 14th, 2015 · No Comments

After a natural disaster such as a storm, the first priority for homeowners in Fairfield, NJ is to hire a storm damage restoration firm to start the recovery process. But it’s an unfortunate reality that even after such disasters, scammers and con artists will try and take advantage of the situation and rip you off for your hard earned money.

Thus, our aim here will be to provide some insight into some common scam tactics used by con artists, so that you can protect yourself from falling prey to their tricks.

Common Scam Tactics Used by Scammers and Con Artists

  1. Storm ChasersThey generally move into areas affected by natural disasters and knock on every door in the town. These people try to offer quick fix solutions to homeowners who are looking for urgent assistance to repair and restore their home. Storm chasers will generally quote a very low price for restoration work, ask for full payment upfront, and then quickly leave town without providing any of the promised service.

    Often these scammers will also require a fee to inspect your home and provide a cost estimate. They will tell you that it will be included in the overall cost of the work. But you’ll find that they never return to provide you with the aforementioned cost estimate or start the work.

  2. Unlicensed Contractors
    Such contractors approach homeowners after disasters, telling them that they have a license to complete the necessary restoration work. Be sure to check for yourself that the contractor actually has a valid license.Even if the restoration firm is honest and informs you that they don’t have a license and are uninsured, this doesn’t mean you can depend on them for restoration work. There are risks for you in hiring such a company. If uninsured contractors are hired, they will have the legal right to sue you if they get injured while working for you. If it becomes necessary to cut a tree and the fallen tree results in significant damage to a neighbor’s property, you will be held liable for the damage if the contractor is uninsured.
  3. Pricing Deviations
    Price deviation refers to a situation where a contractor charges a much higher price for a product or service than is reasonable. You can check with your insurance company to make sure the restorer used the proper pricing standard.

If you’re looking for an experienced storm damage restoration firm in Fairfield, NJ to take over the job of restoring your home, ServiceMaster Metropolitan is the right company to get in touch with.

We have the required training, license, and certification to perform restoration work according to regulatory standards. We can restore everything back to as normal as it was before the storm.

Call us at 1.855.560.7999 and our technicians will visit your house to analyze the damage and start restoration work.

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