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Mold Removal and Reasons Why Containment is Necessary in Any Remediation Task Performed in Paramus, NJ

December 15th, 2015 · No Comments

During any mold removal tasks performed in Paramus, NJ, one of the main aspects professionals need to pay attention to relates to containment of the mold problem. Mold can resurface in other parts of your home if it is not contained properly while remediation work is performed.

Why is containment necessary?

Containment is necessary while remediation tasks are being performed to prevent the release of mold spores into the surrounding air. Containment also helps in reducing the exposure of mold to people living in the house as well as those performing remediation.

The main target of containment procedures is to stop the spread of mold to other sections of your house beyond the affected area.

How is the level of containment determined?

Normally, the size of the affected area determines the amount of containment. Variables need to be accounted for as well. As an example, a substantial mold growth occurring over a small area has the potential of releasing more mold spores than a large area with a lighter infestation of mold growth. Remediators use professional judgment to determine the level of containment required to safely and efficiently perform mold remediation tasks.

Types of Containment

According to the NCSU, a mold removal company generally uses limited or full containment depending upon the size of the affected area:

Limited Containment – This type of containment is used if the affected area is about 10 to 100 square feet. Remediators create an enclosure to encircle the moldy area using a layer of 6 millimeter polyethylene sheeting. A slit entry is created for this containment zone which also has a covering flap.

It is also the responsibility of the remediation firm to seal off all the air vents, chases, doors, and risers located within the containment area.

A negative air pressure is maintained within the containment area in comparison to the surrounding areas to ensure contaminated air does not move into surrounding areas.

Full Containment – If the area affected by the mold problem is greater than 100 square feet, full containment becomes necessary.

As part of full containment, remediators utilize a double layer of polyethylene, and a decontamination chamber is created for entering or exiting the area where remediation work is being performed.

The chamber also has a waste container and facility for remediators to put on personal protective equipment (PPE). As part of the remediation work, the professionals also throw contaminated PPE into a sealed bag so it can be disposed of later on.

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