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Water Damage Restoration and Ways You Can Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing in Winter in Fairfield, NJ

December 15th, 2015 · No Comments

In winter, one of the problems homeowners face is frozen pipes that burst and lead to severe water damage. If such a thing has happened in your home recently, then it will be important for you to get in touch with a water damage restoration firm in Fairfield, NJ to contain the damage, and restore things as soon as possible.

With this in mind, we will try to provide some useful tips that will help you in preventing your pipes from freezing as well as check whether or not your pipes are already frozen.

How to prevent pipes from freezing?

Frozen pipes are the primary reason for burst pipes, and as such, it is necessary to prevent them from freezing in the first place. There are several things that you can do to prevent your pipes from freezing. Lets  look at some of the key points that you can implement:

Before the winter months, you need to make sure that all holes, cracks, and as well as other openings in your exterior walls are properly checked and sealed using insulation or caulk. This will help in stopping the cold air from penetrating  into wall cavities.

It will be necessary to disconnect all the hoses from their hose bibs and as well as install proper insulating covers on top of the hose bibs.

As per TDI, You should also cover vents present that are close to the home’s foundation and drain any swimming pool circulation systemas well as supply lines for water sprinklers

You should also try to maintain the building temperature at a consistent level. Ideally, the building temperature should not fall below the 55 degrees Fahrenheit mark.

How to check if pipes are frozen?

According to IBHS, some of the things you need to do for checking whether your pipes are frozen or not include:

Turn on all the faucets (both cold and hot) one by one to make sure that a steady flow of water is present.

If the water flow is slow or if water is not flowing, then it will indicate that the pipes are frozen.

You will have to locate the blockage and use a blow dryer to heat the supply line, keeping the faucet open during that time. 

One point worth mentioning here is that you need to avoid using any type of open flame torch, kerosene heater, boiling water, or charcoal stove for heating supply lines.

The reason is that intense heat can result in damage to pipes, result in a fire, or make the water inside the pipes boil and cause an explosion.

You need to keep heating the frozen pipes until the time you observe a steady water flow from the faucet.  It will however be necessary to begin heating the pipes near the faucet and move toward the coldest part of the pipes.

In case you have already suffered water damage in your home in Fairfield, NJ due to burst pipes, then you need to take urgent steps to prevent damage to your belongings,as well as,to stop mold growth.  You should get in touch with us for this purpose; since we have several years of experience in water damage restoration and can restore things as quickly as possible.

You just have to call us at 1.855.560.7999 and explain your situation and our experts will reach your home to analyze the extent of the damage and start restoration work.

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