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Some Insight Into the Role Played by Restoration Firms in Tasks Related to Flood Damage Cleanup in Paramus, NJ

March 24th, 2016 · No Comments

Severe floods can leave a trail of destruction behind them and the recovery process can take a lot of time. In such circumstances, you should hire a company to help with flood damage cleanup in Paramus, NJ so that the necessary restoration work can be expedited and normalcy can be restored in your home.

Our aim here is to look into the tasks that are performed by restoration professionals during the cleanup process, namely making the decision about whether or not to discard insulation.

Different Types of Insulation & How to Dispose of Them

If your insulation is affected by floodwater, it may become necessary to dispose of it. However, the restoration process depends on the type of insulation:

Loose Fill Insulation: loose fill insulation like vermiculite will generally settle down to the wall’s bottom if it gets wet and will have to be removed after it dries. If it isn’t removed, it will cause odors and result in the decay of the studding.

Rock Wool Batting Insulation: This type of insulation tends to bunch and settle. If it is the absorbent type, it can result in odors and make the studding decay. If this happens, the restoration firm will have to discard it.

Fiberglass Batting: This type of batting will also bunch, but it will not develop odors. However, the insulating value it has will be significantly reduced and it should ideally be replaced.

If your home has recently suffered flood damage and you’re searching for an experienced company to help with flood damage cleanup in Paramus, NJ and all of Northern New Jersey, you should contact ServiceMaster Metropolitan.

Our technicians have the required expertise to handle such cleanup tasks with ease and are equipped with the necessary equipment to take care of flood damage of any scale. Just give us a call on our emergency hotline number at 1.855.560.7999 and we will immediately dispatch a team of expert professionals to start the cleanup process.


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