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Water Damage Restoration in Caldwell, NJ and Six Important Steps Homeowners Can Take to Prevent Water Damage Due to Washing Machines

April 1st, 2016 · No Comments

Water damage can lead to serious problems in your home. It not only damages your property, but it also facilitates mold growth, which apart from looking unpleasant, also destroys the things it starts growing on. As such, if you have suffered water damage, you should immediately get in touch with a firm that provides water damage restoration in Caldwell, NJ and across Northern New Jersey so that further damage can be stopped, your valuable belongings can be restored, moisture can be controlled, and future mold growth can be prevented.

In a study conducted by IBHS, it was found that water leaks from washing machines are among the top ten leading sources of water damage in homes. But it’s quite possible to prevent such water damage by taking preventive steps.

Our aim here will be to go through some of the steps you can take to prevent water damage caused by washing machines.

Preventing Water Damage Due to Washing Machines

Normally, water loss occurs if the water supply hose fails. Thus, you will have to regularly check the supply lines to make sure they are not damaged. Here are some other things you can do to prevent water damage due to washing machines:

Signs of Wear: Check for signs indicating that the supply hose is going to fail. Some such signs include worn tubing, blisters on the hose, a loose connection, or stress cracks.

Buy Steel Braided Hose: If you notice signs of wear on your supply hose, you should buy a reinforced steel braided supply hose to replace it.

Tighten a Loose Connection: Tighten up the connection if it gets loose. The connection commonly becomes loose where the hose bends.

Change the Supply Hose: Change supply hoses every five years. This is necessary even if the hose doesn’t have any visible wear or deterioration.

Deterioration might occur on the inside of the hose and by the time it becomes visible, it will be too late.

Replace the Water Supply Valve: If a water supply valve is leaking or not functioning properly, it’s best to replace it.

Install a Valve: Set up a valve that can be operated by a dual ball valve lever. This type of valve makes it easy to shut off the water supply since both cold and hot water can be turned on/off using a single lever.

Taking the abovementioned preventive steps can certainly help reduce the risk of water damage caused by washing machines. But if you’ve already suffered water damage and need urgent assistance with water damage restoration in Caldwell, NJ, and across Northern New Jersey we at ServiceMaster Metropolitan can help.

Backed by several years of industry experience, we can perform water damage restoration in the best possible manner and bring your home and belongings back to the way they were before the water damage.

Just call us at 1.855.560.7999 and tell us about the problem you’re facing. We will send a team of professional restorers to analyze the amount of water damage in your home and develop a plan of action to start restoration work.


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