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Flood Damage in West Orange, NJ and Important Tasks Performed by Professionals to Protect Homes from Water Damage

April 27th, 2016 · No Comments

Floods can result in significant damage to your property. After a flooding event has occurred, your primary aim should be to start the restoration and recovery process as soon as possible so further damage can be prevented. A professional firm, like ServiceMaster Metropolitan, can effectively handle flood damage cleanup in West Orange, NJ and across Northern New Jersey and help make everything normal again.

Our aim here will be to look into problems caused by water damage after a flood. Specifically, how ceilings are affected and problems that occur in exterior walls, and the steps restoration professionals take to correct them.


Problem – Loose Gypsum Board

High moisture levels inside the house due to flooding can make gypsum board swell and loosen it from the joists above. To ensure that the gypsum board is actually loose, what you can do is press the ceiling upward. If the nail heads are appearing on surface, it confirms there is a problem to be fixed.


This depends on the condition of the gypsum board. The restoration professionals will either reattach the gypsum board to the ceiling and repair/repaint as required, or, if the gypsum board is badly damaged and/or cannot be thoroughly dried, completely replace it.

Problem – Moist Insulation in Attic

After a flood, it is necessary to examine the insulation in the attic. Why inspect something that wasn’t touched by flood water? Due to the excessive humidity present in a home after a flood event, it is possible that the attic insulation was exposed to high levels of moisture. The last thing anyone wants is moist insulation sitting in a hot, dark environment such as an attic, as this can become an excellent and prolific breeding ground for mold.


If it is determined that the insulation can be dried, special equipment will be used to circulate air and remove humidity, and tests will be conducted to ensure proper drying. If the insulation cannot be dried it will require replacement.

Exterior Walls

Problem – Blocked Weep Holes

Many houses have brick veneer along with water resistant sheathing. The sheathing will remain undamaged when weep holes are unblocked and allow water to correctly drain from walls. It is possible, however, for weep holes get blocked and not allow proper drainage.


When weep holes become blocked, restoration professionals will clean out any silt and debris that is blocking the weep holes to facilitate proper drainage. This will also help to dry out the space between the brick and exterior sheathing. According to The American Institute of Architects, restorers may have to remove bricks at an interval of 48” from wall’s base to facilitate faster drying of the wall.

As you can see, water can cause a lot of damage to your home you may not have considered. If your home has experienced a flood recently, it is necessary to hire a firm to undertake flood damage cleanup in West Orange, NJ and throughout Northern New Jersey.

ServiceMaster Metropolitan can efficiently and thoroughly handle flood restoration work. We have the required certification, expertise, and latest equipment to take care of any challenging task we may encounter in your home.

You just have to contact us on our flood damage helpline – 1.855.560.7999 and let us know about the situation you are facing. Our technicians will immediately respond, assess the situation, communicate what needs to be done, and begin the restoration and remediation process.


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