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Fire Damage Restoration in Mahwah, NJ and Importance of Smoke Alarms in Prevention of Fires and Giving Homeowners Needed Time to Leave the House

May 4th, 2016 · No Comments

A fire can be terribly destructive to your house and belongings. After a fire, your primary aim should be to prevent further fire damage due to soot, water, and smoke. By hiring a professional firm for the task of fire damage restoration in Mahwah, NJ and across Northern New Jersey, you can be sure that your belongings will be saved and your home will be restored to its pre-loss state.

Our aim here will be to look into the different types of smoke alarms which can reduce the risk of fire and give you enough time to leave the house in case a fire starts.

Types of Fires

According to CPSC Publication 559, there are basically two types of fires:

  • A flaming fire which is fast moving in nature
  • A smoldering fire which develops slowly.

Flaming Fires

Flaming fires develop very rapidly which makes it extremely necessary to leave your house as quickly as possible. Flaming fires create toxic gases, heat, and flames which become very intense within a short period of time.

Smoldering Fires

Smoldering fires tend to produce a lot of smoke, making it necessary to get as low to the floor as possible to breathe properly and see more clearly. The smoke can contain very toxic gases which can easily disorient, or worse, overcome a person. It is necessary to leave the house quickly since it is difficult to predict when these smoldering fires would turn into flaming fires.

Which type of alarm to use?

We’ll now look at which type of smoke alarm is suitable for these different types of fires.

Flaming Fire: In the case of flaming fires, you will not have much time to escape. For such fires, ionization smoke alarms prove to be more effective in comparison to photoelectric smoke alarms and could be a few seconds faster than their counterparts, giving you a bit more time to get out of the house.

Smoldering Fire: These fires tend to develop slowly. Photoelectric alarms are more useful compared to ionization alarms as they can provide you with a few extra minutes to escape.

As you can see, both types of smoke alarms are useful in different kinds of fires, and as such, it is better to install an alarm which has both features, i.e., a photoelectric as well as ionization alarm.

If your home has been damaged by fire and you are searching for professional help for fire damage restoration in Mahwah, NJ and across Northern New Jersey, you can rely on ServiceMaster

Metropolitan to perform the necessary restoration.

We have the certification, expertise, equipment, and training to make sure the remediation task is completed quickly and your belongings are restored to the way they were before the fire.

Contact us immediately at our customer helpline number, 1.855.560.7999, and we will dispatch our expert restoration professionals to analyze the situation and start work.


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