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Flood Damage Cleanup in Jersey City, NJ and Important Preventive Steps Which Can Help in Minimizing Flood Damage of Properties

May 20th, 2016 · No Comments

Flooding can be quite destructive and result in serious damage to your property. By hiring a restoration firm for flood damage cleanup in Jersey City, NJ and across Northern New Jersey, you can be sure that further damage to your property will be prevented and things will be restored to just the way they were before the flooding occurred.

By taking preventive steps you can reduce the risk of damage to your property due to floods. As such we will be going through few of the things you can do to minimize the risk of flood damage to your property.

Steps to Minimize Flood Damage to Your Property

A few of the preventative steps you can take to minimize loss due to flooding includes:

  • Create barriers in the form of flood walls, beams, and levees to stop flood water from entering your home.
  • To preventing seepage, seal off basement walls using waterproofing compounds.
  • Make sure sandbags are stacked away from the walls of your home so flood waters cannot reach your house.

Preventing Damage to Septic Systems

  • You should install check valves within sewer traps to ensure flood water cannot backup into drains inside your house.
  • In fast moving flood surges, raised septic systems can get damaged because of erosion and scouring. To prevent this type of damage and erosion, you will need to try and divert storm water with the help of sandbags.

Minimizing Flood Damage to Fuel Tanks

  • For fuel storage tanks which are above ground level, you need to make sure they are on a stable as well as firm foundation; for instance, on a concrete pad or floor. It is important to mount such tanks on steel legs which have floor flanges.
  • Additional measures such as bracing or anchoring of storage tanks can help in preventing storage tanks from rolling over or floating away which can result in the release of fuel. To ensure proper anchoring, secure the floor flanges to the concrete pad or floor.
  • For indoor tanks, you need to install bracing between the floor joists or ceiling and the top of the fuel tank.
  • If basement flooding looks imminent and the water level will cover the fuel tank, plug the vent as well as fill pipes (on a temporary basis) to ensure the loss of oil is prevented due to displacement occurring from water entering the fuel tank.

If your home has been damaged by flooding and you require a restoration firm to take up the task of flood damage cleanup in Jersey City, NJ and throughout Northern New Jersey, contact ServiceMaster Metropolitan at 1.855.560.7999. Our team of professionals will promptly respond, examine the situation,provide you with a cost estimate, and initiate the tasks of restoration and clean up.

We have the required expertise, technical competence, necessary equipment, and industry certification to perform cleanup and restoration tasks to quickly, thoroughly, and efficiently return normalcy to your life.


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