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The Importance of Determining the Level of a Mold Problem for Proper Mold Damage Cleanup in Wayne, NJ

June 10th, 2016 · No Comments

Mold growing in your home can be a serious problem; apart from gradually destroying the material or structure it’s growing on, it also has a very unsightly appearance and can easily damage your home’s aesthetic appeal. Thus, at the first sight of mold, it’s imperative that you hire a firm to provide mold damage cleanup in Wayne, NJ and throughout northern New Jersey.

Our aim today will be to provide you with some insight into the various levels that mold-affected areas are divided into when inspected by restoration professionals.

Four Levels of Mold Problems in Homes

The amount of work to be performed to clear a mold problem in any home mainly depends upon the total area that is affected by the mold.

Let’s look at the four levels remediation professionals use to categorize mold and determine the type of containment technique they’ll need to utilize.

Level I (Ten Square Foot Area)

If the area affected by mold is less than 10 square feet, it’s not necessary to contain the work area. It will be sufficient to make use of available dust suppression methods.

During remediation, anything that cannot be properly cleaned is disposed of. After the remediation task is complete, the entire work area is thoroughly cleaned with the help of a damp cloth and detergent solution.

Level II (Ten to Thirty Square Foot Area)

In the case of a Level II mold problem, in addition to implementing all the steps performed in Level I, remediators will also ensure that the work area is evacuated during the remediation process.

Moreover, plastic sheets will be utilized to cover all the uncontaminated surfaces while the cleanup work is performed.

During post remediation cleanup, apart from the use of a detergent solution, the remediators will also make use of a HEPA vacuum to ensure that the area is thoroughly cleaned.

Level III (Thirty to a Hundred Square Foot Area)

If the mold problem in your home is Level III, remediators will have to seal all the ducts and ventilation grills before starting remediation work.

When cleaning up Level III mold problems, the work area and all the adjacent areas are vacated. Everything that has been contaminated and cannot be cleaned is also sealed into plastic bags for disposal.

Level IV (More Than a Hundred Square Foot Area)

Apart from the measures taken for the other three levels, here the remediators will create negative pressure within the work area by using exhaust fans with HEPA filters attached to them.

Furthermore, during the cleanup process, air locks are utilized to ensure that the area affected by the mold problem is completely contained.

If you have noticed mold growing in your home and you want to take immediate steps so that the problem can be contained, you should call us ASAP.

Here at ServiceMaster Metropolitan, we have all the necessary equipment and the technical expertise to properly carry out mold damage cleanup in Wayne, NJ and across northern New Jersey.

As soon as we receive your call at 1.855.560.7999, we will dispatch a team of experts to analyze the mold problem you are facing and develop a remediation plan.


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