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Insight into the Factors Resulting in Mold Problems, Common Problem Areas in Homes, and Mold Damage Cleanup in Edgewater, NJ

June 21st, 2016 · No Comments

Mold and mildew can become serious problems for your home, damaging not only your personal belongings, but also your building’s structure. If you suspect a mold problem in your home, it would be a wise decision to hire a firm to provide mold damage cleanup in Edgewater, NJ and throughout northern New Jersey to help you prevent further damage.

In this context, our aim today will be to:

  • Analyze the main factors that cause mold problems.
  • Look into some common problem areas in the home that facilitate moisture buildup and mold growth and how to fix such problems.

Primary Factors Resulting in Mold Problems

The main factors that cause mold problems tend to be high moisture content and lower surface temperature.

Maintaining Surface Temperature

If the dominant factor in the mold problem is surface temperature, the problem can be solved by increasing the surface temperature through the following approaches:

  • Increasing the air temperature close to that of the room’s surfaces by improving air circulation. Such air circulation would in turn enhance the heating of surfaces in the room.
  • Reduce loss of heat from surfaces by closing cracks in exterior walls or by adding more insulation.

Controlling Moisture Content

Moisturerelated mold problems can be fixed by:


Venting moisturegenerating appliances (like the shower) to the outside.

Common Problem Areas

Air Conditioned Spaces

Here the problem is that either the moisture level is very high or the surfaces are colder than they should be.


The solution lies in:

  • Preventing humid and hot exterior air from coming into contact with colder interior surfaces.
  • Eliminating cold spots by relocating diffusers and ducts.
  • Raising room temperature to avoid overcooling.


During the winter, the coldest surfaces in any room are the windows. The interior panes often work to collect condensation, leading to moisture issues in the house.


The solution to this problem is the use of insulated glass or storm windows. Insulated glass (such as double glazed windows) can be used to raise the temperature of interior surfaces.

Exterior Corners

Exterior corners have temperatures close to outside temperatures, leading to higher moisture buildup in these areas and consequent mold growth. Some common reasons for this problem are:

  • Low levels of insulation
  • Poor interior air circulation
  • Heat loss occurring over a large surface area


This problem can be solved by removing all possible obstructions that block air flow, for instance, by rearranging furniture.

Thermal Bridges

Thermal bridges are parts of the building’s structure that conduct heat (such as un-insulated window lintels and steel studs present inside the exterior frame walls). These thermal bridges result in the localized cooling of different surfaces, causing a buildup of moisture.


Here the solution involves using insulating sheathings to lower the effect of the thermal bridges.

If your home is facing a mold problem, at ServiceMaster Metropolitan, we can take up the task of mold damage cleanup in Edgewater, NJ and across northern New Jersey.

Our mold remediation professionals have vast industry experience and are equipped with the necessary knowledge and equipment to ensure that cleanup procedures are followed in the right manner.

Just contact us at 1.855.560.7999 and provide a brief explanation of the problem you’re facing. Our experts will reach your home as quickly as possible, examine the mold damage, and provide you with a plan of action to carry out the remediation and cleanup work.


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