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An Insight into 3 Common Questions Homeowners Have About Water Damage Cleanup in Hamburg, NJ

July 21st, 2016 · No Comments

Floods can lead to considerable damage to your home, making it necessary to hire professionals to take up the task of water damage cleanup in Hamburg, NJ. The benefits of hiring restoration experts is that they can ensure your belongings are cleaned as well as restored properly and things which cannot be salvaged are disposed of in the right manner.

Questions Related to Cleaning, Restoration, and Disposal of Things After Floods

Is it necessary to remove ceramic flooring?

If the ceramic flooring has been set directly over a concrete slab, HEPA vacuuming followed with washing using a disinfectant solution should sufficiently clean and sanitize the ceramic flooring.

However, if ceramic flooring has been laid over presswood or plywood subflooring and the subflooring has been damaged by water, it will be necessary to remove as well as dispose of the ceramic flooring.

Should insulation be discarded?

It will largely depend upon the type of insulation that is present. Generally, there are three different types of insulation, and all respond differently when they come in contact with flood waters.

Foam Board Insulation: This type of insulation performs the better of the three when in contact with flood waters.

Fiberglass Insulation: If fiberglass insulation gets soaked in clean water (such as clean rainwater), restoration professionals will have to remove it to facilitate faster drying of it and the wall or ceiling. After everything is thoroughly dried, the restoration technicians can reinstall the fiberglass. If the fiberglass is exposed to muddy or contaminated water it will need to be replaced.

Cellulose Insulation: Cellulose insulation, whether it is blown in or loose, will hold onto water for a very long time and lose the fire retardant as well as anti-fungal properties it has. Restoration technicians will have no option but to remove and discard cellulose insulation affected by flood waters.

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