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Storm Damage Cleanup in Mendham, NJ, and Different Ways of Protecting Homes from Wind Damage During Severe Storms

July 28th, 2016 · No Comments

Storms can cause serious damage to your home and require considerable efforts to make it livable again. Hiring a firm to perform storm damage cleanup in Mendham, NJ and throughout northern New Jersey, is the right approach since many aspects need to be covered including water and wind damage control, temporary board up, and restoration of your belongings.

High winds can cause significant destruction during a storm. By taking the right steps to strengthen doors, windows, and roofs, you can reduce the extent of damage.

In the following sections we will review information on how doors can be strengthened so that they can withstand wind damage.

Steps to Protect Your Home from Wind Damage

Double Entry Doors

Double entry doors generally consist of an active as well as a fixed (or inactive) door. You will have to check whether the fixed door has been properly secured at the bottom and top.


Typically, the pins or bolts securing these doors do not have the required strength to withstand strong winds during storms.


You can make use of reinforcing bolt kits which are provided by door manufacturers. In addition, you can get in touch with a building supplies retailer and inquire about the kind of reinforcing bolt system which will be suitable for the fixed doors in your home.

Double Wide Garage Doors

Double wide (or two car) garage doors can face problems due to their large size.


Double wide garage doors can easily start wobbling as high winds begin blowing during storms. Wind pressure can cause them to collapse or pull them out from their tracks. When a garage door fails during a storm, the high winds will be able to enter the house from the garage and easily blow out windows, doors, walls, and possibly the roof.


It is possible to strengthen garage doors with the help of retrofit kits which help to reinforce the weakest points in the doors. Retrofitting a garage door generally involves installation of horizontal bracing on panels, using heavier hinges, and utilizing stronger end and center supports for the door.

The garage door track also needs to be strengthened. If it is loose or getting twisted easily, it will be necessary to install a stronger track. You also need to ensure it is properly anchored to the wall. Use heavy wood bolts to attach it to wood framing or expansion bolts to attach it to masonry.

If your home has been ravaged by a storm and you need a restoration firm to conduct the task of storm damage cleanup in Mendham, NJ, or anywhere in northern New Jersey, get in touch with ServiceMaster Metropolitan. We have been performing storm damage restoration tasks for many years and our experts can ensure your home and belongings are restored as quickly as possible.

All you have to do is give us a call at (855) 560-7999. Our storm damage restoration team will immediately reach your home, examine the damage, and develop a plan to cleanup and restore your home and belongings.


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