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Mold Damage Cleanup in Short Hills, NJ, and Tips on How Eliminating Food Sources and Controlling the Temperature Can Be Useful in Preventing Mold Growth

August 23rd, 2016 · No Comments

Mold can quickly start damaging the things it grows on, resulting in bad odors and an unsightly appearance in the home. The solution lies in hiring a firm to take up the task of mold damage cleanup in Short Hills, NJ, so that your mold problem can be solved and the underlying issues that caused it can be located and fixed.


Today we will look at some of the steps you can take to stop mold growth in your home. By taking a few simple steps—such as eliminating the food source mold needs to grow and controlling the temperature—you can ensure that mold doesn’t have the ideal conditions to flourish.


Preventing Mold Growth


Eliminate Food Sources


There are many different materials in a typical home that provide the necessary nutrients for mold to thrive on:


  • Mold can easily feed on untreated paper materials, on furnishings and clothing made of natural fibers, on glues used for book binding, and on materials present in some types of grout


  • Other materials like glossy paint, ceramic tiles, and glass will not normally facilitate mold growth while they are clean, but even a small amount of dirt on the surface of these materials would provide enough nutrients to support mold growth


  • If left on the shower curtain and in the shower stall, organic residue from certain types of soap also acts as a source of nutrients for mold


  • Volatile cooking oils and smoke settling over the furnishing and walls will also enable conditions for mold growth


  • Basements, clothing, closets, walls, and different types of textiles can facilitate mold growth if they aren’t kept clean


Control the Temperature


Mold flourishes at temperatures in the 77OF to 86OF range. As such, summer conditions are ideal for mold growth. However, you can utilize air conditioning to reduce the temperature inside your house so that mold growth can be prevented.


But even then mold growth is possible, since the temperature throughout the house might not be uniformly low. For instance, the temperature within closets and cabinets and behind draperies might remain warm and result in a buildup of humidity.


You can solve this problem by using proper ventilation or by keeping the doors open to let cooler air reach such locations.


If you’re facing a mold problem in your home and you’re interested in completely eradicating the problem, you should get in touch with us for mold damage cleanup in Short Hills, NJ.


At ServiceMaster Metropolitan, we have the required experience, equipment, cleaning products, and technical expertise to judge the severity of the mold problem in your home, to diagnose its underlying cause, and to appropriately fix the problem.


Most importantly, our technicians will follow all the important regulatory standards to ensure the remediation work is performed in the right manner.


Just give us a call on our customer support number at (855) 560-7999 and our experts will respond immediately to assess the damage and quickly begin restoration.


Call us and we’ll immediately reach your home to analyze the situation and start remediation work.


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