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Is Hiring Professionals for Flood Damage Restoration Actually Useful for Homeowners and Procedures are Used for Cleanup of Homes in Hamburg, NJ?

December 8th, 2016 · No Comments

Floods can be quite destructive and result in extensive damage to your home in Hamburg, NJ, or anywhere in Northern New Jersey. If you are faced with flood damage, you need to hire the professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan to perform the necessary cleanup and restoration. Our aim here will be to discuss the usefulness of hiring professionals for flood damage restoration and provide a brief overview of the procedures followed by technicians when performing flood damage cleanup.


Even a Few Inches of Flood Water Can Result in Damage Worth Thousands of Dollars

The Usefulness of Hiring Professionals for Flood Damage Restoration

Professionals have the required experience and training to select the right procedures for flood damage cleanup.

Let’s look at some examples which illustrate how professionals utilize their experience to select the right procedures and cleaning products during flood damage restoration:

  • Selection of Cleaning Process: When cleaning a flooded crawlspace, the restoration professionals need to take into account the type of water. For instance, if the flooding involves concentrated sewage, the technicians will focus on the removal of contaminated water and soil before cleanup is started.

If it is a clean water source, a different approach will be taken while using a Moisture Sensor to detect affected areas.

  • Choosing the Right Cleaning Products: Technicians select cleaning products depending upon the type of item that needs to be cleaned. Using the wrong cleaning products may damage the item instead of cleaning it. For example, depending on the type of damage, the acidity and alkaline of the product must be taken in to consideration.


All Fifty States in the Country Have Experienced Flooding in the Last Five Years

Procedures for Flood Damage Cleanup

By hiring professionals to clean and restore your belongings, you can be sure that the right procedures will be followed for cleanup and restoration of your home after a flood.

Let’s have a look at the steps taken by professionals as part of the cleanup process of flood damaged homes:

  • Step #1 – Removal of Water: The first task will be determining locations where water is pooling (such as the basement) and removing the water. For locations with water of shallow depth, technicians will utilize industrial vacuums. It will become necessary to use powerful truck mounted pumping systems when water reaches a depth of more than one foot
  • Step #2 – Cleanup of Water Soaked Items: The next step involves setting aside items that are salvageable for drying, cleaning, and sanitizing
  • Step #3 – Proper Drying: The amount of time it takes for things to dry will depend on the extent of the flood damage. This is where using the services of a professional firm is helpful because they can expedite the drying process by using dehumidifiers, and high capacity commercial air movers

If you have suffered flood damage and are looking for a flood damage restoration firm, contact ServiceMaster Metropolitan. We have the required experience, equipment, and cleaning products to perform flood damage cleanup quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly.

Just give us a call on our emergency flood damage number – (855) 560-7999. Our technicians will reach your home in Hamburg, NJ, or anywhere in Northern New Jersey, analyze the extent of the damage, and start the required cleanup and restoration work.

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