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How Hiring a Professional Firm in Morristown, NJ, for Mold Removal Can Prove to be the Right Decision

January 16th, 2017 · No Comments

Mold is a serious problem, and it’s always best to hire a professional firm for mold removal in your Morristown, NJ, home, instead of doing this complex task yourself. In the following sections, we’ll look at some of the main reasons why you should hire a firm like ServiceMaster Metropolitan for this task instead of doing it on your own. We are proud to serve homes and business all across Northern New Jersey.

Why Hire Professionals for Mold Cleanup?

There are two main benefits to hiring professionals for mold cleanup:

  • Professionals have the needed expertise to overcome challenges in mold removal
  • They have access to the required equipment

Challenges Faced by Mold Remediation Firms in Cleaning Hidden Mold

Challenge #1: Locating Hidden Mold 

Hiring professional mold cleanup experts is necessary for finding hidden mold in your home as they have the required knowledge, certification, and equipment. Since mold doesn’t require light to grow, it can grow anywhere there’s adequate moisture and a food source.

Common places experts examine to find presence of mold growth include:

  • Behind wallpaper, drywall, and paneling
  • Underneath carpets and pads
  • Within pipe chases
  • Behind walls and crawlspaces
  • Within utility tunnels and ventilation ducts
  • On roofing materials

Challenge #2: Prevent the Spread of Mold Spores While Performing Mold Cleanup

Another challenge professionals have to face is preventing the release and spread of mold spores when performing mold remediation. If mold is not properly contained during search and remediation, mold spores can easily spread to all parts of your home, making cleanup even more difficult. If you lack the required knowledge, experience, and equipment, you won’t be able to handle mold remediation in the right manner, and you’ll likely cause the further spread of mold spores within your home.

Is it Necessary to Perform Tests to Confirm Mold Growth? – No

Access to Required Equipment

Another benefit of utilizing the services of a professional mold removal firm is that they have the needed equipment to find hidden mold. Homeowners usually don’t have access to such advanced equipment. As such, it can be really difficult for them to find hidden mold.

Some of the advanced equipment utilized by professionals for this task includes:

  • Moisture Meters: Moisture detection equipment helps find wet areas in your home since the likelihood of mold growth is higher in moist areas. Moreover, moisture meters can be utilized to detect moisture content in several different types of building materials.
  • Borescope: Another specialized piece of equipment used by professionals is an optical probe known as borescope. A hole is drilled into the wall for inserting the probe so that a small portion of the wall can be inspected for mold growth.

If you’ve noticed mold growth in your home in Morristown, NJ, or anywhere across Northern New Jersey, and want a professional firm to perform mold removal, you can count on ServiceMaster Metropolitan to get the job done in best possible manner. Just contact us at (855) 560-7999.

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