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What is the Right Approach – Do It Yourself or Hire Professionals in Chatham, NJ, for Fire Damage Restoration?

March 16th, 2017 · No Comments

Has your home in Chatham, NJ, or elsewhere in Northern New Jersey been damaged in a fire? You may be wondering whether to treat the damage yourself or hire a professional fire damage restoration firm. Today we’ll examine why it’s important to hire a professional firm, such as ServiceMaster Metropolitan, to handle any and every level of fire damage cleanup.

Fire Damage Mitigation – Hire Professionals or DIY?

The best thing to do after a fire is hire professionals to perform the restoration work rather than try and do the work yourself. Why should you hire professionals?

  • Expertise to Deal with Hazardous Materials: A fire can leave hazardous materials in your home. Attempting to clean the damage on your own without an understanding of the risks that these hazardous materials pose can create a variety of health and safety risks. Only trained fire damage restoration professionals have the required expertise to safely perform fire damage cleanup.
  • Understanding of Appropriate Cleaning Procedures: Fire damage remediation experts understand that failing to utilize the proper methods and cleaning solutions can cause greater harm to your home and belongings. For example, do you understand the difference between a water based or non-water based cleaner, and what type of damage to use each cleaner on? Suppose you try to clean a plaster wall yourself and utilize a water based cleaning product. This will cause the stain to bleed and create more damage.

Professional fire damage technicians will thoroughly analyze the situation and select the most suitable procedure for cleaning soot stains.

Similarly, for smoke damage restoration, experts will analyze the different elements of smoke damage. This includes what burned during the fire, temperature of the fire, and the amount of oxygen present at the time of the fire to select the required cleaning method.

Fire damage restoration experts have acquired this knowledge through extensive education and continuous training in their field. Because a homeowner lacks this training, they won’t be able to effectively treat damage in their home. This is why fire damage restoration should be left to trained professionals.

If you’re looking for a fire damage restoration firm in Chatham, NJ, or elsewhere in Northern New Jersey to cleanup and restore your fire damaged home, contact ServiceMaster Metropolitan.

Our technicians have the required training, experience, and certification to select the right cleaning techniques and bring normalcy back to your home. Just contact us on our fire damage mitigation helpline number – (855) 560-7999.

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