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Why Experience Matters in Disaster Restoration Work Performed in Wayne, NJ

May 10th, 2017 · No Comments

If your home in Wayne, NJ or elsewhere in Northern New Jersey has been damaged in a disaster, you’ll want to hire an experienced disaster restoration company, such as ServiceMaster Metropolitan. Hiring someone without experience or trying to mitigate the damage yourself can prove to be a costly mistake.

Why Experience Matters in Disaster Restoration Work

Inexperience and Mistake #1: Cleaning Things the Wrong Way

Let’s first look at an example where an untrained disaster restoration technician cleans a silver coffee pot having a dull patina covering it.

They would probably painstakingly clean the pot to remove the dull patina to achieve a shiny finish. Unfortunately, they’d be shocked when the owner inspects the “restored” pot and tells them the patina was the primary thing that made the pot a priceless antique. Now, instead of an invaluable piece, they’re left with an artifact worth far less than it was before.

Experience and trained professionals can avoid this type of incidence as they have the knowledge to understand these important details and carry out cleaning and restoration work accordingly.

Inexperience and Mistake #2: Incorrect Pack Out

From the previous example it’s quite clear that knowledge and experience matters when it comes to cleaning and restoration after a disaster. It also matters when it comes to other aspects of the restoration process.

Inexperienced technicians can make mistakes while performing other tasks, such as pack out, when transferring your belongings to an offsite location for temporary content storage.

Let’s look at one scenario where inexperience can prove to be quite costly for the owner.

Suppose wine bottles are to be packed and shipped to an off-site location. Untrained and inexperienced technicians may think it’s okay to simply pack the wine bottles in just any type of box and cover it using a cloth to avoid damage.

They’d probably feel they’ve done an adequate job to move and store the wine, but it’s likely the owner will be thinking otherwise. Why? More than likely, when the bottles are returned and removed from the box, the labels will be scuffed and damaged due to the bottles rubbing against one another.

If you’re fond of fine wine you know that, most often, labels have the same value as the wine inside the bottle. Scuffing and damage to the labels will make the wine far less valuable, often reducing the wine’s value by as much as fifty percent or more!

These details highlight the importance of using the services of trained, knowledgeable, and experienced disaster restoration professionals. ServiceMaster Metropolitan is one such experienced firm in Wayne, NJ. You can trust us to perform the cleanup and restoration tasks in the best possible manner, and our experienced technicians will not miss out on trivial looking details that may result in serious mistakes. If you’re in need of disaster restoration services in Wayne, NJ, or elsewhere in Northern New Jersey, contact us immediately at (855) 560-7999.

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