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Technical Expertise and Experience – Two Primary Reasons for Hiring Professionals in Morristown, NJ for Fire Damage Restoration

June 14th, 2017 · No Comments

When a fire damages your home and belongings, you need to hire ServiceMaster Metropolitan, an experienced fire damage restoration firm serving Morristown, NJ and all of northern New Jersey, to clean and restore your home to the way it was before the fire.

Is it necessary to hire a firm for this task? Yes, it certainly is, as there are many different and difficult technical aspects that need to be looked into to perform this task properly.

Our aim here is to share details as to why it’s important to hire an experienced, professional firm to conduct fire damage restoration in the correct manner.

Top Reasons to Hire a Professional Firm for Fire Damage Mitigation

Cleaning Plaster

There are different types of plasters such as stipple plaster, sprayed acoustic plaster, and plasters with swirled textures. Fire damage restoration experts are able to properly differentiate plasters from painted surfaces that have identical appearances.

It’s crucial to know these differences because painted surfaces usually respond properly to cleaning, while cleaning the above mentioned plaster surfaces can be very hard, if not impossible. By accurately identifying the type of surface, fire damage restoration technicians are able to use the right cleaning methods and achieve success.

Masonry Surfaces

Examples of masonry surfaces include fieldstone, brick, cinder block, and similar other materials that are installed using mortar.

When it comes to masonry surfaces, fire damage clean up professionals will utilize their technical expertise to ascertain whether any type of sealer was used to protect the surface. The presence of a sealer means cleaning can be performed in a much better way.

Experts also use their knowledge and experience to judge the type of surface to be cleaned to avoid mistakes while selecting cleaning products. For instance, masonry surfaces such as fieldstone have a mineral content that can react with the chemicals present in cleaning products which can result in irreparable color changes.

As such, fire damage mitigation experts keep note of this fact while selecting the required cleaning products to be used for such types of surfaces.

Wooden Surfaces

Many times, wooden panels have a very light color wash that tends to easily dissolve in certain cleaning solutions. Fire damage restoration professionals are well aware of this fact and select a cleaning solution accordingly.

Similarly, technicians make use of their experience to identify surfaces, such as unfinished wood, so the appropriate cleaning technique can be selected.

Unfinished wood tends to absorb and retain cleaning solutions, resulting in permanent discoloration of the surface. By selecting the right cleaning method, fire damage restoration professionals can prevent damaging discoloration.

From the above details it’s quite clear that using the services of an experienced firm for fire damage restoration is absolutely necessary if you want to achieve the best results.

The experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have a vast amount of training and experience in fire damage restoration and can ensure your home and everything inside will be carefully and correctly restored.

All you have to do is contact us at (855) 560-7999. Our experts will reach your home in Morristown, NJ or anywhere else in all of northern New Jersey, analyze the damage, formulate a plan of action, and immediately begin the fire damage restoration process.

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