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Recover Quickly After a Fire by Hiring Experienced Fire Damage Restoration Professionals in Hamburg, NJ

June 29th, 2017 · No Comments


Recovering from fire damage can be a difficult task. By hiring a professional fire damage restoration firm, like ServiceMaster Metropolitan, in Hamburg, NJ or anywhere across Northern New Jersey, you’ll be able to ensure the right steps will be taken for restoring your home to its best possible condition. In this context, let’s look at some reasons why it’s important to hire experts for this task.

Reasons Highlighting the Importance of Expertise in Fire Damage Clean Up

#1. Knowledge of Interstitial Voids

Experienced fire damage restoration experts are fully aware of the fact that any remodeling performed by less experienced contractors may create passage ways for fire as well as smoke damage to spread throughout the building.

For instance, experienced technicians will thoroughly check the building to determine whether wall board in multiple layers has been used anywhere in the building.

This type of crucial analysis is performed because multiple layers of building materials create unexpected and unintended interstitial voids.  During a fire, these voids turn into pathways for the transmission of smoke odors.

By having the knowledge regarding these voids, experienced restoration professionals are able to properly trace their existence and perform the required cleanup at locations where smoke odors travel through these pathways.

#2. Charred Framing and Complexities of Odor Removal

Before new framing is set up, odor mitigation experts ensure the correct smoke sealer is applied in such a way that no smoke pockets remain that might result in smoke odors after the restoration work is finished.

They’ll ensure the right sealing material is selected to yield the best desired results. For example, fire damage clean up technicians avoid using water based latex paints and sealers that are shellac based since these are known to be less effective.

Instead, they use oil based enamels as well as aluminum paint for this purpose.

#3. Understanding of Serious Considerations in Cleaning Medical Establishments

A fire in a health care or medical establishment brings unique challenges that only experienced fire damage remediation experts are able to comprehend.

For example, to achieve the best results, experts understand they need to avoid using abrasives while cleaning enameled surfaces. As such, only strippers, detergents, or industrial cleaners are used for cleaning these surfaces.

Similarly, for removing smeared residues from parts that contain vinyl upholstery, fire damage restoration technicians usually prefer the use of dry cleaning solvents rather than synthetic solvents to accomplish the total removal of such residues.

If your home has suffered fire damage in Hamburg, NJ or anywhere across Northern New Jersey and you need a company with expertise in fire damage restoration, contact ServiceMaster Metropolitan at (855) 560-7999 immediately. Our staff is fully certified, trained, and experienced in all areas of fire damage clean up tasks and are well aware of the factors they need to keep note of while performing this type of cleanup work.

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