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How Experience Matters in the Proper Selection of Water Damage Restoration Procedures in Bayonne, NJ

July 12th, 2017 · No Comments

Water damage doesn’t just affect the structural integrity of your home. It can also damage your belongings, health, and possibly cause an infestation of toxic mold. It’s necessary to expedite the water damage restoration process by contacting ServiceMaster Metropolitan so normalcy can be restored to your home in Bayonne, NJ, or anywhere throughout northern New Jersey, as quickly as possible.

Today we’ll discuss the complexities of the cleanup procedures that highlight the importance of hiring water damage mitigation experts for this serious undertaking.


Selection of Dehumidifiers

Having the required knowledge and experience helps water damage restoration technicians select the right size and number of dehumidifiers that best provide the most favorable and quickest drying results. Some aspects that experts use to make these decisions include:

  • Outdoor humidity
  • How quickly the drying process should be completed
  • How many building components require dehumidification
  • The complexities of the building components restoration experts need to examine
  • Other sources of water that may affect the dehumidification process

Correct Installation of Dehumidifiers

Experienced water damage cleanup technicians fully understand the importance of proper placement of dehumidifiers and air movers to achieve the desired results. A few of the important steps they take to accomplish this task are:

  • Professional restorers position air movers so even circulation of air can be achieved in an affected zone
  • Experts take the required steps to ensure air flow is properly directed to allow dehumidification equipment to work as quickly and efficiently as possible

Water damage mitigation experts also ensure dehumidifiers and air movers don’t negatively affect belongings in your home. They accomplish this goal by:

  • Directing air coming out from the equipment away from sensitive surfaces

Selection of Appropriate Cleaning Products

Trained water damage restoration professionals also show their proficiency while performing cleanup and in the selection of cleaning products according to a specific situation.

For instance, in the case where water damage due to contaminated water poses the threat of diseases, discomfort, or sickness to the occupants in a home, the restoration professionals select biocides to achieve the desired results.

From the above details it’s quite clear that experience plays a valuable role in proper water damage restoration.

You can rely on ServiceMaster Metropolitan and our highly trained and experienced technicians to quickly, thoroughly, and efficiently tackle any type of water damage mitigation tasks you may have in Bayonne, NJ or anywhere across northern New Jersey. If you home has been affected by water damage, contact us as soon as possible at (855) 560-7999. Our experts will come to your home, assess the damage, and start the restoration work.

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