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Storm Damage Cleanup and the Steps Homeowners in Mendham, NJ Need to Take to Prevent Falling Prey to Scammers

July 18th, 2017 · No Comments

A storm is a natural disaster that can wreak havoc and result in significant damage to your home in Mendham, NJ or anywhere across Northern New Jersey. When your home is damaged by a storm, your focus should be on hiring a competent storm damage cleanup firm, such as ServiceMaster Metropolitan, so everything can be restored to the way it was before the storm.

Nasty storms can bring other types of heartache – con artists and scammers who’ll do anything they can to swindle you when you’re desperately looking for help. To help prevent you from being victimized, we offer the following suggestions on how to recognize popular scam tactics and ways to avoid them.

Unlicensed Contractors

After the storm passes you’ll find contractors claiming they possess the necessary license for performing storm damage cleanup. If you take the time and do some checking, you’ll find they don’t have a valid license.

There are risks involved if you hire an uninsured and unlicensed contractor, such as:

  • You can be held liable for damages caused by an uninsured worker
  • You can be sued if a worker gets injured while working on your property

Price Gouging

You may become the victim of price gouging after a storm. This is a scam tactic where you’re charged significantly inflated prices for services or products compared to what the actual price is.

To avoid this type of scam you’ll need to get information on the actual prices for the different products and services you’ll require. If any significant variance is found, you should immediately report it to legal authorities.

Storm Chasers

Scammers falling in this category usually visit areas affected by storms or other natural disasters and start by knocking on every door they can.

They promise to provide a quick fix remedy for people who are in urgent need of help for repairs and restoration of their damaged homes. Their main strategies often involve:

  • Offering a low price for their work
  • Request for full payment upfront
  • Quickly leaving a location without completing any work

These storm chasers may also demand an inspection fee with the promise it’ll be deducted from the final bill. Usually, after they get the fee, they never come back.

As you can see, scammers tend to surface when people are facing difficulties, and this is exactly what happens when you’re looking for assistance related to storm damage cleanup for your home right after a storm has passed.

Keep note of the above mentioned points to avoid falling prey to these scammers. If your home is damaged by a storm, you can rely on ServiceMaster Metropolitan to properly restore your home in Mendham, NJ or elsewhere across Northern New Jersey. We have years of experience and the required licenses and certification to perform any and all types of storm clean up tasks. Just give us a call on our emergency contact number, (855) 560-7999, and we’ll respond as soon as possible to analyze the situation and start work.

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