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Is It Really Necessary to Appoint a Fire Damage Restoration Firm in Paramus, NJ for Cleaning Bathroom Fixtures After a Fire?

July 25th, 2017 · No Comments

Is it really necessary to hire a professional fire damage restoration firm after a fire? How does hiring experts, such as ServiceMaster Metropolitan, prove to be beneficial for homeowners in Paramus, NJ or anywhere across Northern New Jersey?

If you’re trying to find answers to these questions, you’re at the right place. Today we’ll be exploring what to look at and why hiring experts always proves to be the right decision.

Why hire experts to clean bathroom fixtures after a fire? 

Hiring a certified and experienced fire damage restoration company can be quite valuable for many reasons.

Challenges in the Cleanup of Glazed Surfaces

One of the main concerns for fire damage restoration experts is the proper cleanup of smoke damage on glazed surfaces. For instance, experts know that abrasive cleaners are not appropriate for glazed surfaces.

They also understand that the use of abrasive cleaners can have negative effects on porcelain finishes. As such they’ll utilize alternate options to prevent damage.

Experts are also aware that the use of abrasive cleaners may become necessary in case persistent damage occurs because of smoke. They make educated, on-the-spot decisions according to the condition of the glazed surface and what is best suited to clean it.

Complexities in the Fire Damage Clean Up of Chrome Fittings

Expediting cleanup is necessary when it comes to cleaning chrome fittings, and fire damage remediation experts are fully aware of this fact.

Urgency is necessary to neutralize the damaging effects of acidity on chrome surfaces. Serious training and education helps experts select the right type of cleaner for this purpose so the best results can be achieved.

They also know not to utilize abrasives on chrome surfaces because abrasives will leave scratch marks and cause further damage to the chrome finish.

Examination of Heat Damage to Bathtubs

Ascertaining the extent of heat damage to bathtubs can be a challenge due to the presence of smoke damage. The first thing experts do when restoration work is started is to test-clean bathtubs and other bathroom fixtures to look for any kind of heat damage.

This helps them determine the proper fire damage restoration steps to take to immediately halt and prevent further damage.

Clean Up of Vanity Tops

Technicians fully understand that vanity tops made of cultured marble tend to have higher porosity than porcelain. They’ll utilize this knowledge to select the right method, such as the use of a fine abrasive, to safely and successfully resurface such types of vanity tops.

From the above details it’s quite clear that experience and necessary training are extremely important in any type of fire damage restoration work.

The experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have vast experience in fire damage mitigation and can ensure all tasks will be performed in the best possible manner. All you have to do is contact us at our fire damage remediation helpline number, (855) 560-7999, and our team will quickly respond in Paramus, NJ or anywhere across Northern New Jersey.

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