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Why Hire the Professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan for Fire Damage Restoration in Caldwell, NJ?

August 10th, 2017 · No Comments

Fire has the power to destroy everything it touches and leave you with a charred house and belongings. If your home or belongings have been damaged by fire, you need to hire an experienced fire damage restoration firm, such as ServiceMaster Metropolitan, for your home in Caldwell, NJ, or elsewhere across Northern New Jersey.

Which is better – A DIY Approach or Hiring Experts for Fire Damage Restoration?

You have more important things to worry about

Restoration of your home and belongings after a fire is usually a very complex task. To perform the cleanup and restoration in the right manner requires the use of industrial grade cleaning products and equipment.

Additionally, these restoration tasks are to be initiated as quickly as possible after the fire is extinguished to reduce the amount of future damage your house and belongings face.

Moreover, after the fire is extinguished, you’ll be preoccupied with other tasks such as dealing with insurance, arranging temporary accommodations for family members, and looking into health problems some family members may be experiencing due to the fire.

In short, you’ll be more engaged in other important responsibilities and not able to give the needed attention to the fire damage cleanup tasks.

In this case, it’s best to hire experts to clean and restore your home quickly and thoroughly and not burden yourself further by taking a DIY approach.

Professionals have the right equipment

Fire damage restoration is considered a complex task due to the fact that different types of materials burn during a fire, and this can make cleanup extremely difficult and complicated.

Because of this it’s necessary to utilize industrial grade equipment such as thermal foggers and ozonation devices, and only professionals have access to this type of equipment. Moreover, you probably lack the training and expertise required to operate such equipment.

We have a large team ready to quickly restore your home

Access to the required resources and manpower is another strong reason to hire experts for this task. Professional firms can work on different tasks simultaneously and expedite the process since time is of critical importance in any fire damage situation.

Let’s look at few examples that illustrate why it’s important to expedite the cleanup process:

  • Appliances start to discolor within just a few hours
  • Mold starts growing within two days
  • Metal start rusting and walls become discolored within a few days

It’s clear that fire damage restoration isn’t something we should try on our own. That’s why it’s best to entrust this responsibility to a competent fire damage mitigation firm.

ServiceMaster Metropolitan is a company you can rely on for proper fire damage repair and restoration. If fire strikes your home, contact us immediately at (855) 560-7999. Our trained and certified experts will reach your home in Caldwell, NJ, or anywhere across Northern New Jersey, assess the damage, and immediately begin the fire damage repair process.

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