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3 Types of Advanced Water Damage Restoration Equipment Used by Professionals in Livingston, NJ

August 18th, 2017 · No Comments

Water damage can be a serious concern for your home in Livingston, NJ or elsewhere across Northern New Jersey. It can affect your belongings and result in mold if not properly treated. To ensure your home and belongings are successfully restored, call ServiceMaster Metropolitan for immediate water damage restoration.

Our professional technicians have the tools and experience required to restore your home and belongings to their pre-loss condition. Today we’ll look at a few of the tools in our technicians’ arsenal and how they’re used to successfully treat water damage.

  1. Invasive Moisture Meters

Experts use these meters to obtain accurate moisture measurements so the drying process can be properly controlled to achieve desired results.

By having access to such advanced equipment they’re able to significantly reduce the structural disassembly that is required during the drying process to assess the progress of drying work.

  1. Indirect Fired Furnaces

Another vital piece of equipment water damage cleanup professionals use is the indirect fired furnace. This helps to quicken the drying process, preventing extended exposure to water and limiting the damage.

One of the greatest benefits of using these furnaces is that they don’t introduce additional moisture or by-products of combustion back into the drying environment.

  1. Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Water damage restoration professionals make use of these dehumidifiers when there’s a need to dry lath or plaster walls, hardwood floors, and other similarly dense materials.

Since these dehumidifiers are able to create significant vapor pressure differential between the air and the surface, they’re the preferred choice for large-loss situations.

Moreover, technicians have access to desiccant dehumidifiers available in different configurations and sizes. This way they’re able to meet any type of drying requirement you may have.

It’s also possible to install these dehumidifiers in different ways according to the specific requirements of a drying process. These installation methods include outside recirculation (where the affected area is inaccessible or small), outside exchange (if dehumidification is to be performed over a small area), and inside exchange (experts can install the dehumidifier within an affected area).

If your home in Livingston, NJ or anywhere across Northern New Jersey has suffered water damage and requires water damage restoration, you need to call the experts.

The technicians at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have vast experience in water damage restoration and utilize the latest equipment to expedite the drying process in your home. Contact us at (855) 560-7999 and we’ll quickly send a team to analyze the extent of the water damage, communicate to you what needs to be done, and immediately begin the drying process and restoration of your home.

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