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An Insight into How Experts in West Orange, NJ, Handle the Task of Odor Removal as Part of Storm Damage Cleanup

August 22nd, 2017 · No Comments

Storms and the associated flooding they can cause usually bring a lot of contaminants such as filthy water, vegetation, debris, dead animals, and sewage that can leave behind an unbearable stench. As such, by hiring experts like ServiceMaster Metropolitan for the task of storm damage cleanup in West Orange, NJ, and all across Northern New Jersey, you can ensure the proper steps are taken for the complete removal of such odors from your home.

Let’s take a look at how utilizing the services of a professional company for odor removal after a storm can prove to be the right decision.

Storm Damage Cleanup and Odor Removal

Expertise in Using Different Techniques

Professionals have the required training and experience to select an odor removal method according to a particular situation.

Situation #1: Ability of a Surface to Endure Water-Based Cleaning

 Odor Removal Method: Use of Proper Cleaning Solutions

Disaster restoration professionals will utilize their experience to first check whether the surface(s) where cleaning is to be performed for odor removal will be able to endure water-based cleaning or not. If water-based cleaning is possible, they’ll make use of detergent cleaning (water-based) for removal of odors that are water-soluble.

Situation #2: Presence of Odors in Enclosed Space

 Odor Removal Method: Technique of Simply Airing Out or Lowering Humidity

Professionals may simply air-out the items in direct sunlight to dissipate the odors. Similarly, if musty odors are present in any enclosed space, the technicians will try to lower the humidity to eliminate the odors.

Situation #3: Presence of Biological Odors

 Odor Removal Method: Application of Germicides

Experienced experts can easily recognize this type of odor in your home and decide whether the application of germicides will provide the desired results or not.

Technicians will only apply germicides if there are biological odors as they fully understand that the use of germicides will not provide the desired results if there are chemical odors.

As it’s quite clear from the above details, using the services of experienced storm damage cleanup professionals is necessary for the proper removal of odors from your home after storm damage and/or flooding occurs. They can perform the required analysis to judge the condition and accordingly select the right method.

ServiceMaster Metropolitan has the training, experience, and industry certification to perform quick and efficient disaster restoration work which includes storm damage cleanup and thorough odor removal. If you home has been damaged by a storm and/or flooding and requires disaster restoration, contact us immediately at (855) 560-7999.

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