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Why Hire a Professional Firm for Fire Damage Restoration in Mahwah, NJ?

August 29th, 2017 · No Comments

A fire can destroy your Mahwah, NJ, home, leaving you to clean up the wreckage. Take the burden off yourself and hire a competent fire damage restoration firm, such as ServiceMaster Metropolitan, to properly restore your home and belongings. The professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan use their experience and professional grade equipment to restore homes all across Northern New Jersey. Today, we’ll look at how our experts utilize their experience and advanced equipment to ensure restoration work is successful.

Challenges of Fire Damage Restoration

Has your home been updated or remodeled? Any updates that have not been properly executed could result in additional damage in case of fire.

For example, if there are several layers of wall board, those layers can create interstitial spaces or voids, allowing odors to travel throughout your home. This can result in areas of your home, not directly affected by the fire, to experience damage.

Fire damage mitigation experts understand this and investigate before cleanup and odor removal work begins to ensure odors do not remain in these voids. They also track those interstitial spaces to perform odor mitigation in all areas such voids pass through.

Knowledge of Methods for Odor Removal

The flames are not the only damaging part of the fire. Odors from the fire can linger in a home, even after the damage is treated, requiring odor mitigation. Let us look into techniques our professionals use for removing odors from your home.

  • Hydroxyl Generator: A hydroxyl generator takes in the contaminated air and treats the odors before releasing the deodorized and purified air back into the environment. This has been proven to be quite effective in complete eradication of odors.

The importance of hiring an experienced professional fire damage restoration firm is clear.

Amateur restoration efforts can result in additional or permanent damage.

Technicians at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have experience, advanced equipment, and are trained in specialized techniques to ensure everything in your home is restored. We also ensure that there are no lingering odors to bother you even after restoration work is completed.

All you have to do to get the ball rolling is give us a call at (855) 560-7999.  Our technicians will reach your home in Mahwah, NJ, or elsewhere in Northern New Jersey, right away to examine the damage and start restoration work.

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