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Top Reasons Justifying Professional Fire Damage Restoration in the Upper East Side of New York City

September 28th, 2017 · No Comments

Fire will damage everything it come in contact with and continue to damage your home and belongings even after the flames are extinguished. To prevent this secondary damage, you’ll need to expedite the fire damage restoration process. However, to ensure the damage is treated effectively, you’ll need to hire an experienced firm, such as ServiceMaster Metropolitan, serving the Upper East Side of New York City and all of Northern New Jersey.

Today, we’ll be exploring why it’s so important to hire experienced professionals for fire damage restoration.

The Importance of Hiring Professionals for Fire Damage Restoration

It’s important to hire experienced fire damage restoration professionals because they can determine the type of fire based on items burned. This will determine the required techniques for fire damage restoration.

For example, if it was primarily wood that burned, the smoke odor will react differently to cleaning products as compared to smoke odor that is produced when plastic burns.

This is where experienced experts become valuable as they’re able to recognize the type of fire and implement the appropriate fire damage restoration procedure.

Let’s look at how professionals utilize their experience to remove smoke and soot odors from your belongings such as textile items.

Removal of Smoke and Soot Odors

 If cleanup is performed by someone who is inexperienced, it can result in more harm than good. Using the wrong procedures can make the soot move deeper into the fabric of textile items and complicate the cleaning process.

To avoid these issues, experts follow steps in a particular order to ensure your belongings are cleaned effectively. Let’s review the steps that are followed by experts.

Step 1: Soot Removal

First, the technicians must remove the soot because it’s oily by nature and can result in the permanent staining of textile items.

To correctly remove the soot, experts use heavy-duty industrial vacuums so the soot is thoroughly lifted and extracted without further damaging the item.

Step 2: Smoke Odor Removal

To remove smoke odor, fire damage restoration professionals have to break down the smoke molecules to effectively removed the odor from your textile items.

To get the best results technicians will utilize an ozone treatment process where an oxidizing agent is used to destroy smoke molecule that produce the odors. Professionals ensure this procedure is performed before the actual cleaning is conducted to ensure the smoke odors don’t set in.

Experts also avoid using deodorizing sprays as these products only mask the smoke odors without providing any permanent results. They can also combine with smoke odors and create noxious smells which are more complicated to remove.

The importance of hiring experts for fire damage restoration is clear. ServiceMaster Metropolitan has the experience and training to ensure that restoration is thorough and successful. We proudly serve the Upper East Side of New York City and all of Northern New Jersey. If your home has experienced a fire and requires fire damage restoration, call us immediately at (855) 560-7999.

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