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Challenges Experts Face While Performing Biohazard Cleanup in Clifton, NJ

October 23rd, 2017 · No Comments

Biohazard cleanup is a complex task where cleaning professionals must address a variety of elements to achieve effective cleanup. Because of the complexity, biohazard cleanup needs to be performed by experts, such as those from ServiceMaster Metropolitan, serving Clifton, NJ, of Northern New Jersey, and Manhattan, NY. Hiring professionals ensures that cleanup is performed safely and effectively.

By hiring trained professionals, you can be sure that there’ll be no exposure risk and everything will be disposed of according to regulatory standards. Today we’ll examine why it’s so important to hire experienced professionals rather than making biohazard cleanup your next DIY project.

Why Hire Professionals for Biohazard Cleanup?

There are several benefits of hiring experts for biohazard cleanup, such as:

  • Understanding Types of Wastes: Experts understand that there are various types of biohazard wastes, such as liquid and solid wastes, sharps, etc. Each type of waste requires a different method for safe cleanup. The professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan are highly trained in recognizing different types of waste and the appropriate cleaning methods
  • Follow Standards: To ensure safety, biohazard cleanup requires certain standards are followed, and our technicians have the equipment and training to meet these standards
  • Exposure Control: When biohazards are present, they can spread to people or areas and cause additional issues. We develop and execute a detailed plan before cleanup to prevent additional exposure, keeping the people and space safe. In case there’s additional exposure, our professionals are trained in managing it
  • Use of Disinfectants: Different biohazards require different disinfectants and cleaners. Our technicians utilize their experience to select the appropriate commercial-grade solutions that will stop the spread of germs and diseases

Challenges in Performing the Task Correctly

Due to their experience, our experts are able to meet the many challenges of biohazard cleanup. How do professionals tackle these challenges?

  • Commercial-Grade Equipment: Our experts are trained to use commercial-grade equipment to achieve the complete removal of hazards. Without this equipment, the biohazardous materials may not be completely removed, allowing for individuals to be exposed
  • Following Special Protocols: By following strict protocols, our professionals are able to perform cleanup thoroughly and safely. Our protocols ensure that no remnants of biohazardous materials remain while protecting technicians from exposure
  • Access to Needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): To prevent our technicians from being exposed, we utilize PPE such as gowns, gloves, masks, and eye protection
  • Labeling Biohazardous Materials: It’s important for our technicians to correctly label biohazardous materials to ensure they’re disposed of properly. Our technicians are trained in how to label, handle, and dispose of different types of materials

If you need assistance with biohazard cleanup, contact ServiceMaster Metropolitan immediately. We have the training, equipment, and experience to safely and effectively clean up biohazardous materials. Just contact our customer support center at (855) 560-7999 and our experts will start cleanup in your Clifton, NJ, or Manhattan, NY, home right away.

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