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How Fire Damage Remediation Experts in Hackettstown, NJ, Restore Your Home

February 13th, 2018 · No Comments

Fire can easily destroy everything in its path, resulting in significant damage to your Hackettstown, NJ, home. Hiring experts from ServiceMaster Metropolitan for fire damage remediation ensures that your home will be restored and repaired following a fire. However, this process is not easy. Today we’ll look at some of the issues our restoration experts face when restoring your home after a fire.

Cleanup Soot Residue

Cleaning soot residue left by a fire is a complex task for our technicians as residue can spread to every corner of your home. We often find soot residue coating the surfaces of furniture, walls, and the insides of HVAC systems.

Soot residue is the result of incomplete combustion, resulting in the formation of small carbon particles. It cannot be cleaned with traditional soap and water, which can actually cause additional damage. Additionally, there are different types of soot, depending on the type of fire and what was burned. Our technicians are trained in identifying different types of soot and how to clean each one.

Smoke Odor Removal

Oftentimes, smoke odor persists even after fire damage remediation work has been completed.

That’s because smoke particles are usually very small size (around .004 micron) and can get into places where it’s very difficult to perform cleanup work (e.g., wall base, under carpets, behind wood trim, inside cabinets, etc.).

However, we’re able to easily meet this challenge since we have access to the required cleaning agents as well as specialized equipment to perform thorough smoke odor removal. In addition, our experts are also trained in different techniques, such as thermal fogging, and can ensure there are no lingering smoke odors.

Fire damage remediation goes far beyond treating the flame damage. There are many complexities which can only be addressed by trained staff. Otherwise, the damage can actually become worse and irreversible.

Our professional technicians receive rigorous training and continuing education to ensure you’re always receiving the best services. We take great care to restore your home to its pre-loss condition quickly, allowing you to get back to business as usual more quickly.

If your home has suffered fire damage, count on the professionals at ServiceMaster Metropolitan. Contact us at (855) 560-799 and we’ll arrive at your home in Hackettstown, NJ, or anywhere across Northern New Jersey within an hour.

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